Bespoke glass display cases represent a fusion of form and function, bringing elegance and efficiency to both home and commercial spaces. Their adaptability, combined with superior craftsmanship and sustainable practices, makes them a valuable addition to any interior. As functional pieces of art, they not only serve a practical purpose but also enhance the beauty of the spaces they inhabit.

Experts in UV-bonded glass technology. This unique process allows for the design of a range of glass products including glass display cabinets and glass furniture.

Most products are custom made to your own specification and are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Display cases can incorporate glass doors and shelving, LED lighting and are individually made to your exact specification. Alternatively, why not ask one of our designers to design a unique piece for you?

Modular wine cabinets, easy to install and incorporate champagne shelves and wine glass holders. Available in three sizes or have one made to your custom size.

Glass display cases for bars, cafes and restaurants. All made to order to fit your counter or display area and available with removable toughened glass shelves. Also available using hygiene glass.

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