Edge-lit LED glass creates surface illumination in glass, adding to this an etched design which captures the light and you have a unique and eye-catching individual piece of glass art at any time of the day or night.

Extensive research and development by our own design teams give you the freedom to create custom interior design effects utilising both glass and lighting in your home, office or hotel, restaurant or bar. Technology such as pixel lighting, programme-controlled effects allowing you to set the lighting to respond to custom requests, colour changing create a glowing atmosphere or set the mood lighting or for restaurant and bar areas achieve dramatic and stunning colour strobe effects.

The glass we used for edge-lit led is high-quality toughened glass, even minor imperfections can show up when lit and for this reason we source the best suppliers for our glass products. We use low iron ultra-white glass so that the natural green content of the glass created by the iron is minimised and you achieve a much brighter image through your glass.

Our glass door systems incorporate a unique design, allowing you to set the edge lighting for diffusers and for pocket and sliding doors in the tracks at the top and bottom of the glass so that maximum impact can be achieved over the size of the glass. Each job is individually specced around the size and design so that the correct style of glass and lighting is used.

Our range of glass designs lends themselves perfectly to edge-led lighting, our design director Clive takes his inspiration from nature, geometrics, the human form and transport to create beautiful hand drawn designs for our glass doors and showers.

A range of glass sculptures will be launched to complement the extensive product selection offered in 2022

Whatever your requirement, whether it be a centrepiece of the living, dining room or entrance hall, a focal point of interest for your retail showroom, hotel lobby, bar or restaurant or you would like your own logo or branding on a glass sculpture for your head office then Go Glass Design are your perfect choice of a glass design company for this work. Call us today or visit our glass design studio.