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By Paul Reynolds

Making your commercial space as attractive as possible is essential if you want to attract clients and customers to your business. Finding ways to set your company apart from its competitors can be a challenge, however one way to make sure that your premises are as attractive as possible is to use glass to your advantage.

There are numerous commercial glass applications that will take your business to a whole new level of style without compromising on function or practicality. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to utilise glass to its best advantage in your workplace.

Using Natural Light To Its Best Advantage

Designers and architects know the power of natural light to make any space bright, airy and welcoming. Now, you can achieve this effect in your business premises with glass doors, glass staircase balustrades and glass partition systems which serve dual function – acting as a practical divider between spaces without impeding their natural flow. With panels that supply a useful separation between functional areas, glass dividers still let light shine through to create the illusion of one seamless room that is attractive and spacious.

Creating A Sense Of Individuality

Anyone running their own business knows the importance of individuality. Ensuring that your company can be identified rapidly is key to creating a lasting impression in the mind of clients and customers, and finding ways to reinforce your brand is essential. You can use commercial glass applications to achieve this goal.

With bespoke glass designs, your commercial premises can achieve an additional air of individuality that makes them stand out from the crowd. Your company’s logo can be added onto glass partitions, doors and balustrades so that your brand can be effortlessly extended right across every element of your business.

Thanks to our cutting edge “Project Sketch” process, virtually any design can be transferred with ease onto glass. Since it is hand-drawn by talented glass artists, this process is ideal for portraying images to meet your bespoke requirements. As a result, your customers and clients can be exposed to your brand identity from the moment they enter your premises.

Generating A High-End Feel

Creating the right impression is vital when it comes to your business premises. You need to impress visitors as soon as they arrive at your office or building. With the most cutting-edge commercial glass applications, you can generate a high-end feel that will inspire confidence and reassure your customers and clients that they are dealing with a professional organisation.

Commercial glass sculptures are an excellent choice for both exterior and interior projects. There is no better way to give your premises a luxurious feel, especially if you use edge lighting which can create an amazing effect. Anyone entering your building is sure to be impressed by the artistic appeal of a glass sculpture, and will be convinced that your organisation is one in which they can place their trust.

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