Frameless glass products have allowed for an increased sense of space and light in the home and there is no restriction as to where or how they can be used. Bespoke glass features are allowing architects and designers a new creativity to experiment with dramatic installations for the home and with developments in technical lighting the opportunities for innovation within the glass design industry are endless.

Frameless glass sliding doors used to partition a room in a hotel with LED lit design

Clive Sparkes, Glass designer at Go Glass for over 25 years takes his inspiration from natural elements, the human form and the current trend for geometric design. Using lighting combined with the bespoke range of options for design helps to create a stunning and unique feature.

LED Lit glass begins with a sketch of any image etched onto glass and edge lit with LED lighting. Light travels through the glass and will be held by the etched design. The seamless LED display combined with the beautifully bespoke designs creates a powerful effect for showers, doors or balustrading.

The edge lit glass features are versatile pieces for any location and with the wide range of choices for design and specification these products are sure to be unique talking point with friends or clients. Lighting is a great way to create a sense of light and space in dark or small spaces.

The interplay between glass and light in home design is a fundamental aspect that significantly influences the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of living spaces. Understanding how glass and light work together can help homeowners and designers create environments that are not only visually stunning but also promote well-being and efficiency.

The Science of Light and Glass

Design Principles

Creative and Functional Uses of Glass in Home Design


The relationship between glass and light in home design is practical and poetic. By harnessing the properties of glass, designers and homeowners can create spaces that are efficient and comfortable and deeply connected to the natural environment. The key is to balance the functional aspects of light control and energy efficiency with the aesthetic desire for open, bright, and welcoming spaces.

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