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By Paul Reynolds

There are certain areas of your home which are synonymous with glass. We’re used to seeing a glass door design, for example, or a shower glass panel. However, one thing we don’t see too often in domestic residences is glass flooring. Yet if you’re keen to make a truly dramatic statement in your home, a stunning glass floor could be the way to go.

Glass floors don’t just look fantastic, they also offer a host of other benefits too. So, read on, and find out why you should consider investing in this unusual yet impressive flooring choice.

Allowing Natural Light Through

If you have glass staircase balustrades, glass sliding doors or a frameless glass shower, you’ll already know how effective glass can be at allowing natural light to enter your space. Light has been proven to offer a wealth of well-being benefits, and the more light that flows into your home, the more spacious and welcoming it appears. By installing glass flooring, you can allow daylight to enter low level areas which would otherwise be shrouded in shadow, while the reflective quality of glass means that light is also bounced back into the room. Whether you’re using a glass floor on a balcony or a bridge walkway, it will become an eye-catching feature that not only attracts attention for all the right reasons but which also creates an appealing sensation of openness that makes the room even more pleasant.

An Environmental Choice

These days, architects and builders are increasingly required to choose sustainable options when constructing buildings and glass is becoming more recognised as an eco-friendly choice. Not only can a glass floor reduce your energy consumption overall by requiring less artificial lighting to be used in the space, it is also made from plentiful, non-polluting raw materials in a process which is energy efficient, and at the end of its useful lifespan, it can be recycled.

Safe Without Compromising On Style

If you’re concerned about the health and safety aspects of opting for a glass floor there’s nothing to worry about when you come to Go Glass. Our glass floors are all made to the highest possible standards from toughed glass to ensure high resistance to breakages and optimal strength. We can also apply a slip-resistant coating or sandblast the glass to ensure complete safety for anyone walking on the surface.

Effortless Appeal

Glass floors never go out of style. Whether you opt for a clear, patterned or obscure choice, you can be sure that your flooring will be a truly eye-catching feature in your home. No matter where in your property you could benefit from having a glass floor installed, you can be sure that friends, family and visitors alike won’t fail to be impressed.

Contact our knowledgeable team at Go Glass today to find out more about how to choose the best glass flooring options for your home. We look forward to helping you find the perfect floor to suit your needs and sense of style.