What is Design Glass?

Design glass has been specifically created to enhance the aesthetics of glass used for several applications. It combines functionality with innovation, creativity and the expertise of glass artists to design and manufacture bespoke and custom pieces of glass art.

A key element is versatility, and a good glass designer will interpret a clients brief to create something unique in glass design whether it be for a glass shower, glass door, wall or balustrade. Perhaps it is simply a piece of art in a door or window. Whatever it is, design glass can help create beautiful individual interior decor for a range of domestic and commercial applications.

What processes are used to design glass?

Various techniques can be employed to design glass. Go Glass use a range and often combine processes to create bespoke and custom effects

  • Sandblasted and etched glass. This involves removing the surface of the glass with abrasive which is fired at the glass at high pressure. The glass can be masked off with a vinyl to leave clear or shaded areas. This is a skilled technique which dates back to the mid 1700s and is kept alive today by skilled craftsmen
  • Back painted and printed glass. This process is perfect for wall cladding, glass splashback in kitchens and bathrooms and for worktops. A range of images can be transferred to glass this way including textures. Copper, stainless steel and concrete are examples of modern finishes which can be applied to toughened glass.
  • LED edge and backlit glass. This incorporates etched glass, the light is shone through the edge or back of the glass and the etched areas hold onto the lighting.
  • Textured glass. Pilkington glass stock a range of glass textures and these can also be incorporated with other techniques to create some stunning effects. Reeded or fluted glass is very popular and can also be painted, printed and sandblasted to achieve a unique effect.

Is Design glass available for use in glass systems such as glass doors and showers?

Design glass gives the option to differentiate, add value to glass and mirror products. Ranges of designs have been created to give the homeowner or interior designs scope to create beautiful projects using design glass.

Frameless glass products are perfect for design glass as they do not include heavy frames to obstruct views. You can easily turn your new glass system into something amazing using one of the processes and techniques mentioned here.