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Etched glass design the tale of the selkie

Etched Glass Mythology: Capturing the Selkie Lore

The hauntingly beautiful lore of the selkie has long been etched into the cultural fabric of the British Isles, particularly the Isle of Harris. These mythical creatures, known for their transformative sealskins, embody themes of freedom, identity, and the untameable spirit of the sea. The commissioned etched glass doors for a residence on the Isle of Harris are a canvas upon which this ancient folklore is reimagined. The glass, with its inherent fluidity, becomes the perfect medium to portray the selkie’s enigmatic dance between the seal and human realms, capturing the essence of their legend in every meticulously carved line.

The Art of Etched Glass: Interpreting the Selkie Dance

The process of translating the selkie dance into the medium of glass required a delicate balance between artistic vision and technical skill. Through etching, the selkies are immortalized in a perpetual dance, captured at the very cusp of transformation. Each line of the etched design on the glass doors tells a part of their story, from the smooth arcs representing the seals’ aquatic grace to the more defined contours illustrating their human form. The result is a visual narrative that invites the observer to step into the mythical world of the selkies with just a glance.

sketches of the tale of the selkie glass design

Etched Glass in Motion: The Functionality of Sliding Art

The practicality of the sliding glass doors reflects the transformative nature of the selkie folklore. Just as the selkies seamlessly transition from sea to land, these doors offer a fluid transition between spaces. The functionality of the etched glass art pieces serves the dual purpose of maintaining privacy and opening up spaces, much like the selkies’ own journey between solitude and communion.

Etching the tale of the selkie in glass

From Craft to Hearth: The Journey of Etched Glass Doors

the journey from cambridge to the isle of harris

Illuminating Folklore: Edge-Lit Etched Glass Doors

Etching the tale of the Selkie

The magic of the selkie tale is brought to vivid life through the innovative use of edge lighting. As coloured light courses through the etched glass, it highlights the intricacy of the design and casts an otherworldly glow akin to the mystical aura of the selkies themselves. This illumination not only accentuates the beauty of the etching but also plays a crucial role in setting the ambience, mirroring the dynamic and mystical nature of the folklore it represents.

What did our customer say ?

Greetings from the Isle of Harris!

Please find attached photos of our glass doors which were installed on Friday. If I said we are delighted with them, that would be an understatement. They look stunning and very much compliment the house”

The journey these etched glass doors undertook to reach their new home is a narrative of craftsmanship and careful handling, echoing the selkies’ travels between their two worlds. The transportation of the doors to the Isle of Harris was a feat that mirrored the care and attention to detail that went into their creation. This final installation in the customer’s home not only brought a piece of selkie mythology into their living space but also marked the completion of a collaborative journey between the customer and the glass artist, Clive, solidifying a connection between the tangible art and its intangible inspiration.

etched glass design sculpture with Clive Sparkes leading glass designer

One of the leading UK Glass Designers today, and shortlisted for Glass Company of the Year in 2023, Clive has over 35 years of experience in glass design.

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