The birth of etched glass

Before we dive into the world of home decor, lets find out where this decorative glass process started. The history isn’t about timelines and dates, but a testament to human creativity. Etching dates back to ancient times, when artisans used diamond tipped tools to painstakingly create designs on glass. fast forward to the 19th century and we find the invention of sandblasting. Unlike its hand etched ancestor, sandblasting uses the power of high speed air and abrasive (like sand) to achieve its frosted matte finish.

Does etched glass offer privacy?

Its semi-transparent nature means you can bask in the gentle glow of sunlight without giving a free show to the world outside. It’s like nature’s very own Instagram filter, smoothing everything out and providing that ethereal touch.

The ingenious process takes the natural clarity of glass and adds a touch of mystery. When the abrasive hits the glass as high speed, it roughens the surface and this does two key things :

  • Scatters light

The micro-irregularities created by sandblasting break up and scatter incoming light. Instead of a focused beam that can sharply illuminate objects (and consequently, anything or anyone behind the glass), you get a gentle, diffused glow. This diffusion bathes rooms in a soft light, creating a calm and inviting atmosphere.

  • Obscures detail

While sandblasted glass allows the overall ambiance of light to pass through, it blurs the specifics. Think of it as a tactful censor, revealing enough to pique interest but maintaining discretion. That’s why you can see the shadows and colors behind the glass, but not the clear-cut details. So, while your neighbor might know you’re home because they see a moving silhouette

Are there health benefits of using etched glass?

Numerous studies have shown the health benefits of natural light. It regulates our circadian rhythms, boosts mood, and even improves productivity. Sandblasted glass allows homeowners and designers to flood interiors with this therapeutic light without compromising on privacy.

Plain sandblasted sliding glass wall

What applications are there for etched glass?

  • Statement front doors

Picture this: An expansive oak door featuring a mesmerizing etched glass panel smack in the middle. Not only does it make for an entrance worthy of any royalty (real or self-proclaimed), but it also hints at the luxury that lies inside.

  • Bathroom Windows and Shower Doors:

Why compromise on natural light when indulging in a bubble bath? With sandblasted windows, you can gaze at the sky, confident that the world isn’t gazing back. Shower doors? Well, they’ll make you feel like you’re in a five-star spa. And we all deserve that luxe treatment daily, don’t we?

  • Room Dividers:

For those open-plan homes where you sometimes wish there was a smidge more division, behold the etched glass room divider. It maintains the airy feel of the space while providing just enough separation.

How much does etched glass cost?

It will depend on how much design work is included. Let’s take an example design from the standard catalogue

Dandelion privacy design etched glass

This is a popular design shown in the privacy style of etching. This means that it is etched all over to one surface and then the design is etched onto the other side. When light comes through the glass, the design is shown as above.

This glass panel in 4mm Toughened glass for a pattern 10 style door is around £300 which makes it a cost-effective option for interior glass design. The standard range features over 500 design options for interior and exterior design.

Does etched glass help with energy efficiency?

When rooms are naturally illuminated, there’s less need for artificial lighting. This could lead to reduced energy bills – and who doesn’t love saving a bit on those? The dreamy haze of sandblasted glass is undeniably aesthetic. It offers the best of both worlds: translucence’s allure and privacy’s function. Given that it blurs out specifics without darkening spaces, sandblasted glass fits into various home scenarios. This glass adapts seamlessly from bathrooms where privacy is paramount to open-plan living areas where gentle zone boundaries are needed.

In the grand interior design theatre, sandblasted glass plays a leading role, striking the perfect balance between form and function. It’s the silent hero in a home’s narrative, offering both sanctuary from prying eyes and an open embrace of the world of natural light. So, next time you enjoy the hazy luminescence pouring through a sandblasted pane, spare a thought (or maybe a toast) for the wonders of this remarkable craft.

Can I have bespoke designs on my etched glass?

Absolutely, when discussing home aesthetics, the term “bespoke” carries with it an essence of exclusivity and refinement. Bespoke etched glass seamlessly aligns with this ethos offering homeowners a blend of design and artistry.

Bespoke means tailoring to personal preferences, ensuring that the glass not only fits the space but also reflects the homeowner’s individual style and aspirations. Whether it’s a familial crest, a favorite motif, or a design that aligns with the home’s architectural essence, bespoke etching brings that vision to life.

Standard glass installations can be beautiful, but bespoke etched glass adds a layer of artistry that transforms functional spaces into curated experiences. Every etched design becomes a focal point, turning ordinary spaces into conversation starters.

Don’t forget, that custom features, especially in interior design often augment property values. They signify quality, thoughtfulness and a deviation from the norm/ Homes with bespoke etched glass installations stand out in the housing market offering potential buyers something distinct.

Go Glass worker creating a sandblast design for a glass door.

Go Glass were established in 1978, the vision of the company is to keep alive the arts and crafts etched glass design processes invented in the mid 1700’s. Using up to date CAD and design technology, the company mix traditional with contemporary to create unique and bespoke glass design.

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