Give an elegant and stylish look to your glass with sandblasted glass.  Sometimes known as glass etched,  this decorative glass process is centuries old but used today to create truly contemporary and modern pieces of glass art for your glass door, shower, partition or panels. You can now order your etched and sandblasted glass from our online shop

Three styles of glass are available, Clear: The background of the glass remains clear with a design etched onto the face, Obscure: The background of the glass is etched and the design remains clear – this style normally gives maximum definition to a sandblasted glass design.  Privacy: The glass background is satin with the design etched onto the reverse of the glass, ideal for bathrooms and WC’s this is the perfect choice when maximum obscurity is required.  A range of patterns are available including Victorian etched glass. 

The use of LED lighting, a process developed by our design team allows even further stunning effects to the glass.  Edge lighting with a white or colour changing LED allows light to travel through the glass and stop at the etched design.  With a range of standard design options inspired by nature, geometric patterns, the human form and simple lettering there is something available to suit every style of home or office décor. 

The versatility of etched and sandblasted glass means that the applications are limitless.  With a range of glasses including fire retention, glass flooring and stairs, glass balconies, frameless glass doors and shower enclosures and glass panels for windows and doors interior and exterior this popular decorative glass style is perfect for any project.  Unique to Go Glass is Project Sketch, this process brings together the talents of our glass artists in which a design is hand-drawn and then etched onto the glass in a sketched style. Choose from our extensive artwork collection amassed over 30 years. Adding edge lighting further enhances and creates stunning bespoke effects which make a statement for any project.

Go Glass have over 40 years of experience, a dedicated technical glass design team and have been shortlisted in both 2017 and 2018 for UK Glass Company of the Year.   Clive Sparkes is well known in the industry and has exhibited at glass exhibitions around the world including Glasstec in Dusseldorf and has worked for clients including Hampton Court Palace, Stanstead Airport, Chelsea Garden Show, BBC and Bafta. He leads a team of 5 glass designers producing high-quality work which is delivered around the UK and Europe.