In the heart of Essex, a recent project has set a new benchmark in luxury indoor design. The task was to install a frameless glass balustrade around a private swimming pool, achieving an aesthetic that blends safety, durability, and uninterrupted views. This case study delves into the intricacies of the project, highlighting the use of Ritec ClearShield for maintenance, the innovative bottom channel system, and the robustness of 21.5mm thick toughened laminated glass.

Designing the glass balustrades with Visibility in Mind

The client, residing in a picturesque Essex neighborhood, was looking for a contemporary look and feel while ensuring safety and ease of maintenance. The solution lay in installing a frameless glass balustrade that not only complemented the modern aesthetics of the property but also stood the test of time against environmental elements.

The design phase focused on maximizing visibility. Frameless glass balustrades were chosen for their sleek, modern appearance, which allows for a clear view of the surrounding landscape from the pool. This design choice ensured that the balustrade would not only serve as a safety barrier but also enhance the overall feeling of contemporary space.

glass balustrades around swimming pool

Frameless glass balcony bottom channel system

The installation process was streamlined with the use of a bottom channel system. This system allowed for quick and efficient installation of the glass panels, securely holding them in place. The real beauty of this system lies in its ability to blend into the flooring, creating a ‘floating glass’ effect that further enhances the illusion of an unobstructed space.

Are frameless glass balustrades safe?

Safety was a paramount concern in this project. The choice of 21.5mm thick toughened laminated glass provided the necessary robustness. This type of glass is known for its high strength and durability, capable of withstanding significant force without compromising the safety of pool users. It is also laminated, which means that if it were to break, the glass would remain in place, reducing the risk of injury.

Frameless glass balconies easy clean technology

A key component of this project was the application of Ritec ClearShield on the glass surfaces. This innovative technology is a glass surface treatment that repels water and resists staining, keeping the glass pristine and reducing cleaning time significantly. It ensures that the glass balcony remains as clear and spotless as the day it was installed, even when exposed to pool water and outdoor elements.

Glass balustrades


The completion of the project revealed a stunning transformation of the poolside area. The frameless glass balustrade stood as a testament to modern design, blending seamlessly with the environment while providing an unobstructed view of the contemporary interior. The use of Ritec ClearShield ensured that the glass remained clean and clear, and the robustness of the 21.5mm glass provided peace of mind regarding safety.

Go Glass worker creating a sandblast design for a glass door.

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