Please note that our hand-made coloured leaded products will not be available again until 2022.

We all love colour and light in our homes, why not combine both include coloured glass in your interior home design with the functionality of glass design systems.  Beautiful contemporary and traditional panels are handmade in our Cambridge studio with full design consultation from our experienced team and a range of colours and textures to suit any décor.  Stained glass dates back to the 13th century and we still use the principles of this in our own modern day version which is suitable for a range of applications including glass doors, partitions, showers, windows and balconies. 

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Go Glass Project Overlay Stained Glass utilises modern day technology with centuries old craftsmanship to manufacture bespoke coloured leaded glass panels.  This popular and versatile process uses overlay stained glass colours and leaded strip to one side of the glass which means that it can be double glazed, toughened and even supplied in products such as fire retention glasses.  

One advantage of the overlay method is that you can combine an almost limitless range of colours with textures and effects such as marbled colours. This can allow for a completely bespoke and unique range of glass designs,  Using glasses such as “Flemish and minster” effects also allows you to create an aged look and designs capturing the art deco and nouveau effects are very current in todays interior design.

Coloured glass can reflect light and colour around your walls and you can create stunning effects when used with edge lighting or incorporate etched glass also into your design.

Energy saving, project overlay stained glass can also be incorporated into a double glazing unit so that you can use the glass panels in doors and windows, create a stunning entranceway into your home with contemporary or traditional designs.

The Go Glass design team will work with you to create your unique glass design, why not visit our showroom in Cambridge and see our craftsmen at work?  There are a range of designs to choose from and a bespoke design service simply send us your ideas as a sketch, photo or simply a description and allow us to design something unique to you for your frameless glass door or partition.  Our glass artist and Design Director has worked for over 30 years at Go Glass Design and welcomes a challenge, he has exhibited around Europe and enjoys projects both large and small for retail or commercial clients.

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