UV Glass Cabinets

Frameless, strong and versatile the process of UV bonding glass together allows for the design of a large number of glass structures which include glass cabinets, bonded glass shelving units and glass sculptures.

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The process involves the bonding of 2 or more pieces of glass together and curing using a UV adhesive, the advantage of this glue is that it the joints show no visible signs of the UV glue itself and allows for an invisible joint.  This can also include the addition of metal stainless steel parts to the structure including hinges, knobs, castors so that glass showcases can be made to any custom size.

UV bonding is the strongest way to construct frameless glass structures and the process will easily allow for large heavy glass panels to be fixed together.

UV bonded glass cabinets can be used for both home and commercial applications and when using toughened safety glass are a strong and safe option for retail shop environments.   Our range includes bespoke and custom glass cabinets, both as showcases or shelving units they can incorporate individual design which includes company names and logos or home d├ęcor designs.  Launching in 2019 are a range of UV bonded glass wine cabinets which also include edge lit led glass design, a completely unique and bespoke example of UV bonded glass.

Increasingly popular in interior design today are home bars and large mirrors can incorporate LED edge lit UV bonded glass shelving up lighting glasses and bottles on the shelves.

When the correct adhesives are specified UV bonding offers a moisture proof solution to glass storage in bathrooms and shower enclosures can be built without the use of frames or bulky fittings. 

Perfect for museums, retail showrooms or art galleries is our range of UV bonded glass plinths and display units, these can be made to any size and allow for the display of objects in a variety of ways.  They can also incorporate lighting and company logos and designs. 

Go Glass established in 1978 have a full design team who are happy to work with customers to produce stunning and bespoke glass products. With a wealth of experience available on-site design and consultancy is available if required however clients are welcome to visit the showroom and factory in Cambridge.  

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