Make a design statement, frameless glass doors enhance any room but why not use them to display your beautiful collection of wine? We can supply beautiful glass doors and side panels, custom-made to size in clear or optic white glass for maximum clarity.

We have partnered with a reputable wine shelving and component supplier Glassware, Wine Gifts, Riedel Glass, Wine Racks, Wine Accessories –, to offer custom glass door design and can accommodate any size or shape of the room.

What an outstanding feature in any room whether it be a living or dining room, or in a commercial setting i.e a bar or restaurant. In the examples shown above, our client has added LED lighting to the edge of the glass panels and his logo has been etched to the door, giving a more personalised product.

Glass doors are made from tough 10mm toughened glass with in line polished edges which are perfect for this application. Doors can be hinged glass or sliding glass depending on requirements as systems are available in both styles.

Prices for a wine display cabinet start at around £700 for a single glass door up to around £4000 for a full enclosure. Systems are made to fit with hinges for glass doors available in a range of finishes and styles. Delivery is nationwide normally within 2-3 weeks depending on individual specification.

Creating a wine room entirely or predominantly with glass elements can significantly elevate the contemporary aesthetic of your home, blending sophistication with modern design principles. Here’s how such a design choice adds to a contemporary look and the considerations involved:

Adding to a Contemporary Look

Incorporating a glass wine room into your home not only adds a touch of sophistication and contemporary elegance but also creates a unique space for appreciating and enjoying your wine collection. With careful attention to the functional requirements of wine storage and a focus on sleek, modern design principles, a glass wine room can be both a practical and stunning addition to any contemporary home.

Considerations for a Glass Wine Room

Incorporating a glass wine room into your home not only adds a touch of sophistication

Go Glass Design are a family business specialising in the manufacture of specialist glass products. Award-winning, the small team offer high-quality products built to individual specifications. For an initial budget quotation, email approx sizes to A full design specification will be sent for the enclosure and you can choose your own shelving systems direct.