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bespoke wine cellar in glass

How do the glass doors integrate with my room decor?

The glass doors are designed for seamless integration. They can be fixed to the interior of a wall or cabinet, ensuring that the design is in harmony with the existing room decor. Additionally, for those seeking a more avant-garde presentation, the doors can be mounted onto glass, creating a striking full glass enclosure.

Gone are the days of conventional wine storage solutions. The Frameless Glass doors for Wine Rooms stand as a testament to innovation and creativity. Meticulously designed to cater to the unique preferences of each customer, these wine rooms exude sophistication and offer a seamless blend of function and design. The absence of visible frames ensures an unobstructed view of the collection, turning every room into a stunning display gallery.

Are the glass doors only suitable for wine rooms?

While wine aficionados will be enthralled by the prospect of showcasing their vintages, the Frameless Glass Wine Rooms offer more than meets the eye. They transform into versatile display spaces, catering to gin, rum, and whiskey enthusiasts as well. This adaptability underscores the limitless possibilities of creating an alluring focal point for various collections. Each wine room glass door is individually made to size, a full design and spec service allows you to effectively design your own glass wine room, subsequently, you can also create a show stopping glass design cabinet for your spirit collection. Gin works well when combined with edge lighting through the toughened glass doors to add even more of a wow factor.

Glass door for wine room

Do these glass doors for wine rooms come with temperature control for wine storage?

These wine rooms are not designed for temperature control. They are primarily for display purposes, showcasing your collection in a visually stunning and elegant manner. If temperature control is a priority, other storage solutions would be more suitable. Glass doors have small gaps around the edges and temperature or climate control just isn’t possible at this early stage.

Can I have custom made glass doors for my wine room?

Absolutely. Our client offers a bespoke experience, tailoring each wine room to your specific requirements. From dimensions to finishes, every aspect is designed to reflect your personal taste and preferences.

Using a bespoke manufacturer of frameless glass doors also gives other options include cut outs for skirtings, gradient sandblasted detail to hide sockets or areas of the wall you don’t want to see. Why not be adventurous and add a bespoke etched design to the wine glass doors?

Edge lit glass doors in a wine room

What glass is used to make glass doors?

The toughened safety glass utilized in our wine rooms is engineered to be highly durable, providing exceptional strength and resistance. It offers not only a visually appealing experience but also ensures the safety of your collection.

Toughened glass in either an 8 or 10mm thickness is perfect for all wine room applications. It can even be lit up with colourful edge lighting or etched or sandblasted to give design. It’s versatility is endless and the strength it offers unparalleled.

Always check that the toughened glass being used to make the frameless glass wine doors has a BS or EU kite mark or safety standards to show that it has been manufactured only to stringent safety standards. You can then be safe in the knowledge that you have a quality product designed for many years of use.

Bespoke glass wine cabinet

How much do glass doors cost?

A simple frameless glass door of around 600 x 1900 should cost from around £500 and a full glass enclosure such as the one shown below, around £5000. There are a number of other options like the modular glass wine display unit designed by Clive Sparkes. Clive is one of the UKs leading glass designers and has a range of options from around £1500 making the option cost effective and affordable.

Fascinating facts from history – Did you know?

1. Ancient Egypt’s Wine Amphorae:
In ancient Egypt, wine was often stored and displayed in amphorae, ceramic vessels with a distinctive shape. These vessels were not only functional but also decorated with intricate designs, reflecting the significance of wine in their culture.

2. Medieval Cellarage: During medieval times, wine was often stored in dark, underground cellars. These cellars not only provided a cool environment for storage but also served as display spaces for showcasing the wealth and prestige of the owner.

3. Renaissance Elegance: In the Renaissance period, wine collections were displayed in elaborate cabinets and sideboards. These pieces of furniture were not only functional storage solutions but also intricate works of art, demonstrating the owner’s refinement and taste.

4. The French Caveau: French wine culture gave rise to the “caveau,” an underground cellar often carved into the rock. These spaces not only provided ideal storage conditions but also became gathering places for wine enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community around wine appreciation.

5. Modern Cellar Innovations: With the advent of modern architecture and design, wine cellars evolved into sophisticated showcases. Glass walls and innovative storage solutions emerged, allowing collectors to proudly display their wine collections while maintaining optimal storage conditions.

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