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We are constantly trying to improve and upgrade our homes, and with budget constraints an everyday worry, it is important to prioritise the most effective enhancements which will add the most value.

Is it easy to replace a wooden door with a frameless glass door?

Replacing a wooden door with a glass door is easy and doesn’t involve any specialist carpentry or glazing work. The difference between wooden doors and glass doors is normally the style and type of hinge used. A wooden door will have a timber frame or lining around the opening, and this normally includes a stop bead to prevent the wooden door from opening more than 90 degrees. A wooden door incorporates a free swinging style rebated hinge and a lever latch handle which holds the door in place.

If privacy is required, sandblasted glass is perfect and creates obscuring without sacrificing light transmission. Designs can be incorporated into the overall style and you can choose from a wide range which encompasses geometrics, nature, transport and even the human body.

How much does replacing a wooden door with a glass door cost, and can I fit it myself?

A simple hinged glass door will start at around £500 and a sliding one around £650. This price includes a custom made glass door cut to fit your opening size. Cheaper options online are normally a standard “off the shelf size” and this can leave you with large unsightly gaps around the door. It also means that you will sacrifice any thermal or sound insulation that a custom or bespoke size one will give you.

Many customers decide to install the glass door themselves and this is a simple and straightforward DIY job. 2 people are recommended for install but they do not have to be professional or tradespeople.

  • Remove the wooden door from the frame
  • Fill the hinge cut outs with a woodfiller
  • Remove the stop beading
  • Make good the frame and re-paint if required
  • Measure the opening size for the new glass door
  • Decide on the style and design of the glass door
  • Order the new glass door
  • Fit the hinges onto the frame
  • Lift the glass door onto the hinges and tighten up the screws
  • Add the handle

Many customers use local contractors to install the glass doors. Do not look necessarily for an experienced glass installer, as many small carpenters and joiners, builders and local tradesmen are happy to assist and can prove to me a much more cost effective solution. Full install instructions should be provided with each glass door system and look for a supplier who offers a good support backup

The difference with a glass door hinge is that the backplate is flat. This has several benefits, the main one being that the glass door offers a 180 degree opening, i.e 90 degrees in and 90 degrees out of the room. The glass door will also return to its centre position and this means that a pull handle can be used rather than a lever latch one. The options of finish and style are extensive and can match any decor.

Stainless steel wall hinge.

Are there any other styles available for glass doors?

The new crittall style glass doors incorporate a black steel frame design, which has recently become very popular.

This technique was made popular in the 1920s and is making a comeback for contemporary home interiors.

Suitable for hinged or sliding glass doors, there are a range of styles from a simple georgian style to 1920’s art deco style.

Black framed glass sliding partition to separate a kitchen and dining room.

This style can also incorporate etched designs or full obscurity using sandblasted glass. There are many other techniques including a fluted option and custom design is available to give you a personalised look.

What are the benefits of replacing a wooden door with a glass one?

One of the key benefits is the natural abundance of light that installing a glass door will bring to a room. A glass door enables light to permeate through, rather than a solid wooden door which will cut light transmission down to zero. Natural light helps to create a much warmer and more inviting environment. It is well known that natural light in a room will help with well-being and a sense of space and natural light can uplift us, increase productivity and enhance our moods.

Natural light can help to save on energy bills as reliance on artificial lighting is removed.

Frameless glass doors offer even further benefits in that any frames do not obstruct the view. This allows for a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor areas, and you can essentially bring the outside in.

Go Glass, based in central Cambridge boast an impressive range of solutions for glass doors.

Established over 45 years, the family owned independent business manufacture all products in their dedicated production centre.

Delivery is nationwide and most products are supplied within two weeks.

Sliding glass door with an etched tree design.

I want an etched design on my glass door, how many options are there?

There are numerous choices for design on glass, and Go Glass have over 45 years experience and a catalogue of designs. Here are a few :

What options are there for the decoration of glass doors?

Rather than being restricted by a range of styles of wooden doors, you can let your imagination run free with glass doors.

Sandblasted etched glass design dates back to the 1750’s. However, the advances in CAD design and automated sandblasting equipment means that this traditional craft can enhance any glass door.

Choose from a clear glass door with an etched design, this helps with manifestation and means that the door can be seen from either side, it stops people and animals from running into it. However, it also personalized and gives a bespoke custom feel to the entire area.

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