Inspired by the original steel window designs of Crittall Windows Ltd in the 1920’s this on-trend industrial style is now available for a range of glass doors.

You can create a sleek and elegant appearance, maximise a feeling of space and allow light to flow through rooms. Gaining popularity in recent years, the matte black simplicity of the designs works with all interior decors and creates a modern architectural style.

How does using glass in crittall style doors help with health and well-being?

Exposure to natural light has been linked to improved mood, productivity and better sleep leading to a positive impact on health. Glass doors provide a link to the outside, this connection with nature can help to reduce stress levels. They allow light to flow between rooms and give a sense of openness, making rooms feel more spacious. Applying an aluminium decorative effect to the face of a single panel of toughened glass makes your screens strong, safe, and robust. Each glass door is individually cut to fit your opening size, meaning no large gaps or draughts.

There are currently six designs for the crittall style black decorative effect. Taking inspiration from the original multi-panel designs to bespoke art Deco patterns. These can all incorporate etched glass to give privacy or decoration. The fluted etched glass pattern adds a custom look to the screens and recreates the traditional reeded glass used and made popular by Crittall.

Broken plan living is a phrase coined post-pandemic. It is about the clever use of space. It is the midpoint between traditional living with separate areas for living/dining and sleeping and open plan living, which has drawbacks with sound and thermal insulation. This concept suggests separating areas using materials such as glass to create flexible living and working spaces. The crittall style glass doors are perfect for creating your own broken-plan living spaces. This practical and stylish choice for glass design adds the finishing touch to a modern commercial space. Bars and restaurants regularly choose the crittall style black loft style as it fits with many types of interior design.

Glass and Privacy

Etched glass can be incorporated into a crittall style glass doors if privacy is required. There are various levels of etched glass created by firing abrasive at the surface of the glass. This process removes the surface and leaves a modern etched finish which gives a good level of obscurity whilst retaining light transmission. Effects such as gradient sandblasting, and fading out the etched finish to a clear area at the top of the glass, are perfect to create maximum light and retain privacy.

How much do our crittall style doors cost?

The black aluminium decorative effect offers a cost-effective solution to traditional steel doors. A single door will cost around £700 and a glass door with side panels of around 2mts x 2mts around £1200 with a fixed panel and hinged glass door or £1600 with a sliding glass door and fixed panel.

What crittall styles are available?

Traditional crittall style doors would have been hinged swing doors with a handle and hinges. This style is available as a single door or can incorporate a fixed panel to provide a full wall or partition. Sliding glass crittall style doors offer a space-saving solution you may not have considered. Top hung with a matte black track; each door has a dampener to give a soft open and close facility. A small guide at the bottom of the door is all that is required, and no floor channels are needed. The doors offer a quiet easy action and are the perfect solution if space is at a premium.

Are our crittall style doors made in the UK?

Each glass door is individually made in our own production centre in Cambridge. The toughened glass is UK manufactured by one of the best glass tougheners in the UK. Our design team are skilled craftsmen and each crittall style glass door is handmade to a high-quality standard.
Go Glass is an established glass design company recently celebrating 45 years in business. Customers are welcome to visit the central Cambridge showroom or to see the design team at the production centre only 15 mins away.