Beautiful, functional, transparent frameless hinged glass doors. 

Allowing natural light to flood into any room and create a feeling of well-being and space. Hinged glass doors are the perfect choice of door for many domestic and commercial applications.

The versatility of design allows the end-user to create bespoke and custom effects using one of the many decorative glass processes listed below.  They can be obscure and offer privacy, or include a design or company logo to personalize.

Hinged glass doors are robust and durable, made from UK manufactured 10mm Toughened glass, the same as you are likely to find in any shopping centre, the doors are strong and robust and the EU and BS safety marks guarantee safety in the home or workplace.

How do I know which type of hinged glass door to specify?

There are a range of options for door styles according to the usage and application, and it is always worth a quick call to our experienced sales and design teams for their advice.  For retail or domestic style glass doors, a 10mm toughened glass is cut to fit the opening size.  Each door is custom made to size ensuring no large gaps or draughts.  Normally a wall mounted hinge would be supplied.  The hinges are made of high quality brass which is available in a range of finishes including chrome, satin, brass and matte black. 

Hinged glass doors are also suitable for commercial applications.  Normally the hinges would be a pivot style top and bottom hinge, this allows a bigger door to be used and hydraulics in the bottom hinge allow for adjustement in resistance and closing speeds.

What is toughened glass and how is it stronger than normal glass?

Toughened or tempered glass as it is sometimes known is made by heating the glass to a very high temperature.  As the outer surface of the glass cools, it creates stress on the surface leaving the interior in a tensile state.   Heating and rapid cooling is what makes toughened glass so strong.

All glass doors are made from UK manufactured toughened glass.  Glass is subject to stringent testing and the awarding of a BS or EU kite mark ensuring strength and breakage pattern.  It is quite safe to use as a frameless glass door.

Can hinged glass doors be fitted into any opening?

The great thing about frameless glass doors is the versatility.  The hinges are designed to fit onto most types of frame or directly into the reveal.  This give a truly frameless look to the glass door.  The doors can also be cut out of square if the opening varies, as there are no frames to consider.   Each door is cut to fit,  a tight measurement is taken of the bottom, middle and top of the opening and tolerances are then made for the glass door to fit. 

What designs can be put onto the glass doors?

There are a range of decoration options for hinged glass doors

  • Etched or sandblasted glass designs onto clear glass  
  • Plain obscure sandblasted glass finish
  • Crittall style black effect
  • Gradient sandblast

Go Glass specialise in glass etching and have a range of designs suitable for hinged glass doors including geometric modern designs, organic tree designs, and even images such as motorcyles. 

Is there a choice of finishes and handles?

Choice of handles range from small discrete knobs to large T Bar style double sided handles in square or tube style.

The most popular finishes for fittings is polished chrome and brushed stainless finish, however recent trends have seen satin brass and matte black become popular.   There is also the option to powder coat to any RAL or BS colour if something very bespoke is required.

Go Glass has been trading for over 45 years and specialise in the manufacture of hinged glass doors.  The central Cambridge showroom has a number of examples of styles and finishes and customers are welcome to visit.  Recently opened is the new glass production centre, based 12 mins outside of central Cambridge, our design and production teams take great care of each glass door they produce to ensure only the highest quality product and service for all customers.

The showroom and production centre are open Mon – Fri 8am to 4.30pm or by appointment. Call 01223 211041 or email