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bespoke bi fold glass doors
Bi folding glass doors with tree design
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Bespoke bi-folding glass doors

A versatile and innovative glass partitioning system is available as bi-folding and tri-folding options. The minimalist system pivots from the top track with no channels or guides on the floor. The hinges incorporate a magnetic design to hold the doors in place when closed.

The maximum size for bi-fold is 1600 x 2200 and for tri-fold 2500 x 2200.  Additional height can also be achieved if required.  Systems can be fitted on either side of an opening giving an option for 3200 and 5000mm maximum openings.    Download the full technical details here or call us on 01223 211041 to discuss your requirements with our design team.   A range of glass options including clear, obscure or designed are available.   Please note that this system is on an extended delivery time, please check for details.

See more details of Bi-folding glass doors and partitions here 

Glass Options for Bi-folding glass doors

We have a range of glass options for glass doors including Clear, Ultra Clear, Obscure Sandblasted, Bronze Tinted, Grey Tinted, and Etched Design. See our catalogue below for more design options

Design Options for Sliding Glass Doors

From botanical, geometrics through to Leonardo da Vinci's vetruvian man, we have a range of bespoke glass designs for you to choose from. See our design catalogue below or contact us for bespoke requirements.

Internal bi-folding and tri-folding glass doors are the perfect answer for any room be it in contemporary or traditional design.  Available in a range of glass door designs, these systems borrow light from rooms and give a sense of space and well-being to any area be it living, dining or bathroom glass doors.

Using an etched glass design for frosted sliding glass doors, you can create unique home decor with a choice of 34 individually hand-etched designs from one of the UK’s leading glass artists.

Your bi and tri-folding glass doors system is supplied complete, with a slimline top track, and  glass doors in toughened glass 10mm thickness and UK manufactured for an exact fit.   Frameless glass door systems do not have any frames and the edges of the glass are in-line polished.  Double glass sliding door sets are individually designed, and the pattern is often reflected to give a unique custom art glass sliding glass door system.

How easy are the glass doors to install?

Our own design teams do most of the work for you,  Our easy to follow guides make it simple to install the systems.  2 person installation is recommended but our design team are always on hand to give help and advice.

How do I measure for the glass doors?

We simply ask you to send us the size of your opening and we will add an overlap to the sides and make sure your track sits level with the top.  This is much better than standard size doors which do not fit snugly or evenly around the frame.

Can I see the design before it is manufactured?

Yes, once our design teams have your opening sizes, they will scale your design to fit your internal sliding glass door.  This will be sent to you and you can then discuss any final changes with the design team.

Do I have a choice of handles?

Yes, we have a range of handle options for our glass door systems


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