Bespoke & Custom Made Hinged Glass Single Doors

Made in the UK and Delivered in 2 weeks

In interior design and architectural sophistication, the frameless glass door is a testament to modern minimalism and functional beauty. As expert and proud manufacturers of these exquisite doors, we’re delighted to introduce our line of frameless glass doors that aren’t just mere doors but art pieces crafted with precision, passion, and a touch of British excellence.

Strength and Durability – A British Promise

Crafted from the robustness of UK-manufactured toughened glass, our hinged glass doors guarantee strength and longevity. When one thinks of glass, the immediate association is often fragility. However, our frameless glass doors defy this perception. The toughened glass, made to meet the highest British standards, ensures that every frameless glass door stands resilient against time and physical pressure, marrying elegance with endurance.

Customisation at Its Best – Fit for Every Space

Every home is unique, just as every homeowner’s vision is distinct. Recognising this, our glass doors are meticulously cut to fit every unique opening, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your space. Whether you want to make a small room look spacious or bring in more light to a dimly lit area, our frameless hinged glass doors are the solution tailored just for you.

Designs to Awe – The Artist’s Touch

Our range isn’t confined to just clear or tinted options. Dive into many choices, from the subtle allure of obscure etched to the textured charm of fluted designs. And for those with an eye for unmatched artistry, we proudly present exclusive etched glass designs from the leading UK glass designer, Clive Sparkes. His designs are not mere patterns but stories etched onto the glass, turning every door into a canvas of imagination and elegance.

Design and Price – Your Way

We understand the excitement and apprehension of choosing the perfect addition to one’s home. To aid in this decision-making process, our interactive “Design and Price Your Own” tool on our website empowers you to take control. You can explore various design combinations, view their aesthetic appeal, and get an immediate quotation. This ensures transparency, and you can make an informed choice that suits your design aspirations and budget.

Delivery – Swift and Nationwide

Time is of the essence, especially when you’re eager to see your vision come to life. Our commitment doesn’t end at crafting the perfect door for you; we ensure it reaches you without delay. With a delivery promise that spans nationwide, you can expect your bespoke frameless glass door to adorn your space typically within two weeks of placing the order.