Sliding glass doors are an innovative space-saving solution to domestic and commercial interior design.

What are the benefits of Sliding glass doors?

There are several benefits to installing a sliding glass door. The main and obvious one is the space-saving the doors offer over hinged or pivot-style doors. This gives a much more spacious feel to a room as furniture can be placed against the wall with the glass sliding behind it. This creates an almost pocket sliding glass door feel to the room and gives the homeowner or interior designer more scope to add furniture.

Glass offers strength, transparency, obscurity, and almost ethereal beauty as a building material. The flexibility in designs allows the creation of agile spaces, and the concept of broken-plan living works perfectly with glass sliding doors. They allow the movement of natural light throughout rooms, which is well-known to enhance well-being and health by regulating your circadian rhythm and improving vitamin D absorption.

They offer a seamless transition between rooms. Always insist on a sliding glass door system which is top hung and doesn’t rely on channels set into the floor. These can fill up with small stones and debris and cause the door to become difficult to move or even break over time.

Glass sliding doors give aesthetic appeal to any room, you can bring the outdoors in, with seamless and un-interrupted view of the garden.