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By Charles Smith

In many homes and workplaces today, space is at a premium. Modern floorplans are getting smaller, and new-build properties today generally have smaller rooms than those which were constructed during the last century. With this in mind, finding ways to use the available space to its best advantage couldn’t be more important and what could be a better way to achieve this goal than by using sliding glass doors?

The Benefits Of Glass Sliding Doors

Sliding doors of any type offer one major benefit – they can move completely out of the way, leaving an entirely open space for free movement between one area and another. This is a wonderfully flexible solution, allowing for both openness and privacy whenever required. Within an office environment, for example, a sliding door can be left open to allow freeflow of staff through the workspace, but then closed to allow meetings to take place in a more private area.

At home too, a glass sliding door can be closed to prevent draughts, to create a more intimate atmosphere or to allow two groups to socialise separately within an open plan area, but then opened up to allow for a more connected vibe and family feel.

Glass doors too offer a host of advantages. While a hinged glass door design might be ideal for a larger room, sliding glass doors are the perfect way to create separate zones within a workplace or domestic environment but without affecting the natural flow of light or spoiling the appearance of architectural features.

The very best glass sliding doors have a frameless glass design for a more contemporary look and a completely unimpeded view through the space. They also have a telescopic sliding system so spaces can be opened up to the max when they aren’t in use.

Choosing Designs To Suit You

Sliding glass doors come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs. Go Glass can supply sliding glass frameless systems which operate smoothly and quietly, and which are suitable for incorporation into an opening of virtually any size or combined with fixed panels. With a stainless-steel finish, they can also have a powder coating applied in the colour of your choice, so you can be sure of the perfect match to your existing décor.

Go Glass can also supply etched glass designs which have taken their inspiration from the human form, nature, transport and geometrics. These hand-drawn patterns will compliment your interiors and décor, or you can even use the custom design service to create something personalised to your own specifications.

You can even opt for LED edge lighting to be incorporated into your sliding glass door system for an even more stunning effect that will never fail to impress.

Contact our expert team today to discuss your needs and to find out more about how we can help you to get the most benefit from your compact space with our space-saving sliding glass door solutions. It’s never been easier to bring light and privacy into your home or workplace.