Bespoke & Custom Made Glass Walls and Partitions

Complete system based on 2000 x 2000 opening size

Sliding etched partition into bathroom


Internal glass walls and partitions

Complete system based on 3000 x 2000 opening size

Bespoke sliding glass doors


Obscure glass wall

Complete system based on opening 2500 x 2000

Etched glass bespoke screen


Clear hinged glass partition and wall

Complete system based on opening 3000 x 2000

Large bespoke glass screen leading into a table tennis room


Clear glass wall

Complete system based on opening 3000 x 2000

Large clear glass wall with door

Glass Partitions and Glass Walls – Bespoke & Custom Made

A range of glass partition walls available as hinged glass doors or sliding glass doors custom made to fit your opening size.  Glass partitions for the home or office glass partitions, all supplied in UK manufactured 10mm Toughened glass with UK delivery in only 2 weeks.

Glass styles include clear, plain sandblasted obscure or why not add a unique etched glass design from one of the UK’s leading glass designers.

Internal glass partitions are a perfect way to borrow light between rooms.  Increase a feeling of space and well-being in your home today.

What is a glass wall or partition? Simply it is a way of dividing off any area and creating a broken plan effect. Glass can be clear or obscure, allowing numerous applications without sacrificing light.

Go Glass has over 45 years of experience, a dedicated technical glass design team, and has won several awards, including Independent retailer of the year.

Why not design your own glass wall now using our interactive glass design and quote tool

Our exquisite range of glass walls and partition is designed to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of both residential and office spaces. At the forefront of this collection is our stunning etched glass, a popular choice for creating privacy while maintaining an open and elegant ambiance.

Our etched glass partitions are a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and functionality. The delicate etched patterns on the glass surfaces not only provide a sense of privacy but also add a touch of sophistication to any environment. Whether you’re looking to delineate different areas within your home or create private workspaces in your office, our etched glass walls are the ideal solution.

The versatility of etched glass is truly remarkable. It can be customized to suit your specific design preferences, from subtle frosted patterns that allow diffused light to filter through to intricate, bespoke designs that make a bold statement. Etched glass partitions effortlessly blend with various architectural styles, adding a timeless and refined touch to any space.

Experience the beauty and functionality of etched glass like never before with our glass walls and partitions. Create a sense of privacy without sacrificing aesthetics, and elevate your living or working environment with the elegance of etched glass. Choose sophistication, choose our etched glass partitions.