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Bi-Folding Glass Walls

Introducing our latest innovation in modern architectural design: the Frameless Glass Bi-Folding Wall System. This cutting-edge product represents a significant leap in the realm of glass partitions, offering an elegant, seamless solution that blends functionality with aesthetic appeal.

At the heart of our design is the frameless nature of the system. Traditional glass walls often rely on bulky frames and floor guides, which can disrupt the flow of a space. Our system eliminates these elements, creating a clean, uninterrupted look that enhances the openness and brightness of any room. The bi-folding glass walls glide effortlessly along a discreetly positioned top track, ensuring smooth operation without compromising on stability or safety.

Create additional space with Bi-folding glass partitions

Add the versatility of having clear or etched glass with a design and you create the wow factor to any room. Why not add office space or bedroom to your open plan living space, create a broken plan feel to your home with living adaptability

Carefully made to your opening size and delivered around the UK, the bi-folding glass walls are easy to install with support from the Go Glass design team on hand for specification and fitting advice.

Here's our Director Clive with a preview of the Bi Folding Glass Door System

How versatile are Bi-folding glass walls?

One of the most striking features of our Frameless Glass Bi-Folding Door System is its versatility. We understand that every space is unique, which is why we offer the system in three distinct glass finishes: clear, obscure, and etched. The clear glass finish is perfect for those who wish to maintain a sense of openness and connectivity between spaces. It allows natural light to permeate through, creating a bright and airy environment.

What glass choices are available with Bi-folding glass partitions?

For those seeking a balance between transparency and privacy, our obscure glass finish is an ideal choice. It softly diffuses light, providing a level of privacy without completely blocking visibility. This finish is particularly well-suited for areas like conference rooms or office partitions where some degree of seclusion is desirable, equally, it is suitable for a glass bi-folding wall system in the home.

Lastly, our etched glass finish offers a touch of artistic elegance. The intricate etchings add a layer of texture and visual interest, making it a statement piece in any setting. This option is excellent for adding a decorative element to your space while still enjoying the benefits of a glass partition or glass wall.

Can the glass bi-folding walls include custom-designed etched glass?

Our Frameless Glass Bi-Folding Wall System is more than just a functional element; it’s a testament to the fusion of art and engineering. It’s an ideal solution for those looking to enhance their space with a modern, sophisticated touch. Whether you’re designing a new office, renovating a commercial space, or simply looking to upgrade your home, our system offers the flexibility, style, and quality you need to bring your vision to life.