Double Glazed Units made to measure

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Made to measure Double Glazing

You can now order online cut to size, made to measure double glazing units for collection from our glass production centre in Pampisford or local Cambridge delivery.

Normal lead time for double glazing units is 7-10 days. For specialist etched sandblasted design units we need slightly longer.

There is a range of options for Double glazing including clear glass, toughened, satin and etched designs, patterned glass and low e thermally efficient glass.

All orders placed after 14.12.23 will be available from the New Year

What is the best type of double glazing for my home?

We would always recommend a Low E Glass.  This stands for low emissivity and has a coating applied to the glass which can reflect heat back into your home.   Adding argon gas to your double glazing unit will also lower the U Value as it fills the space between the glass panels with argon gas to improve further the thermal efficiency.

It does depend on why you are installing double glazing,  if you are looking for sound insulation, using different thicknesses of glass and a wider cavity can improve acoustic performance

How do I install double glazing?

There are a number of resources on you tube to help you fit your double glazing units. PVC windows are quite easy to replace and this simply involves removing the beading and gasket and fitting your new pane.


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Design your glass shower enclosure

  • Design your own glass shower enclosure for an immediate quotation. Simply enter your opening sizes, add your choice of hardware, finish and glass type.

  • Full CAD drawings on request.