Does adding an extra shower add value to my home?

It is estimated that adding an extra shower room to your home can increase the value of your home by 10-40% depending on the style and quality. Custom glass showers allow the versatility of using areas such as loft space, large cupboards and partitioned en-suites as the glass can be cut to size even following a sloping ceiling.

Are glass showers suitable for small bathrooms?

Yes, a frameless glass shower is perfect if you have small rooms, sliding glass showers are space saving and can be made to any size. They allow the installation of wc’s and hand basins as the sliding glass door does not obstruct or limit the bathroom design.

Glass is the perfect material to use in a small bathroom. The transparency gives a feeling of space and can make a small bathroom appear much larger. The use of mirrors can also increase the light if placed opposite windows. Using a frameless glass shower means that you can create a seamless look to the room, with no frames to obstruct the view, the enclosure almost disappears.

What options are available for glass showers?

Each shower is individually made to suit each application, and there is a vast choice of designs available. When deciding on which glass shower to fit, it is important to understand the criteria needed to make final design decisions. Frameless glass showers offer the most versatility in design, however consideration should be taken to ensure that this design works for the type of shower tray and system you are using. Corner showers can be difficult to seal 100% and if this is important a framed or semi-frameless option might be better. These shower types are perfect for wet rooms and areas where full sealing is not required.

There are now several options for fitting finish and type. The most popular is polished chrome in the UK at the moment but other colours such as Matte black and satin brass are also being specified in contemporary home designs. Double sided handles and knobs finish the shower door, and there are a range of options for a traditional victorian or modern style.

Can I add privacy to a glass shower?

Glass showers offer unparalleled design versatility and this isn’t restricted to style or hardware finish. A range of glass options are also available. Normally, clear glass is used and this can be a float or low iron finish. This option reduces the amount of green shown at the edge of the glass and is becoming more popular. Tinted glass can also be used, this is a smoked glass which can be supplied in both grey and bronze finishes. Care should be taken if specifying this glass style as it does reduce the light transmission and can make the shower feel quite dark.

Sometimes, privacy is a requirement for glass showers. Perhaps the area is a public space, i.e a gym or spa and an obscure option is needed for this. Sandblasted or etched glass as it is sometimes known is perfect for this. This process involves the removal of the surface of the glass to leave an obscure finish. It allows light to transmit through the glass and various effects can be achieved with the addition of LED edge lighting. Unique designs can also be added to the glass to give a bespoke look to the glass shower.

How durable is a glass shower?

All Go Glass showers are coated with an easy clean coating. This means that the glass is :

You can find out more about Ritec Clearshield here

You should check that the hinges being used are high quality and suitable for a bathroom or shower. PVC seals should be replaced every few years depending on the usage, however these are easy to fit and are low cost.

How much do glass showers cost?

It is very much dependant on the glass size and style, but you should expect to pay from around £300 for a simple fixed glass screen up to £3000 for the bespoke full glass shower system shown below.

Large bathroom with bespoke Go Glass shower screens with waved design.

Most systems are easy to install and many customers save money by measuring and installing themselves, however most plumbers and bathroom installers often get involved in the installation of glass showers when they are re-fitting the bathroom.

Using Go Glass to design and manufacture your shower, you are guaranteed that you will receive the best advice and the most appropriate system for your bathroom and budget. As an independent supplier, Go Glass source products from around the world and only use the highest quality products when specifying a glass shower system.

If you are looking to re-fit a bathroom and would like to include a glass shower, why not send a sketch of the outline plan, or a photograph of the area. Our experienced design team will then help you to achieve the best solution and help you through the complete process.

Go Glass are based in Cambridge and customers are welcome to visit the showroom and production centre. Call the team on 01223 211041 to arrange an initial no obligation telephone, virtual or in-person visit to us.