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And so you have spent time and a considerable amount of money on your new bathroom or en-suite, and it looks great. After six months, you notice that the shower enclosure’s glass isn’t quite as sparkling and beautiful as when it was installed. Cleaning takes longer, and a milky white substance appears on the glass, which is difficult to remove.

Your bathroom looks tired in less than a year and needs another refit.

What happened? You thought you had covered all bases and chosen trusted suppliers to ensure longevity and high quality?

The fact is that many suppliers are still not specifying easy-clean glass for their glass showers.

Ritec Clearhsield glass coating for easy clean glass

This leads to :

  • A loss of transparency through the glass
  • Damage to glass surface
  • Lifespan of the glass is decreased
  • Unhygenic conditions
  • Maintenance is difficult.

What is Ritec Clearshield glass, and why should I use it in my glass shower?

Glass shower enclosure

To understand why you should only use easy clean-coated glass, it is easier to explain how it works and why it is important when specifying glass.

ClearShield®is a surface renovation, non-stick protection and maintenance system for glass developed by Ritec International in the UK. When applied to ordinary glass, it upgrades it to non-stick eco glass. This system isn’t just a coating, it is a unique polymer system that forms a strong bond with the glass creating a protective layer.

When seen through a microscope, glass has peaks and troughs, and limescale and organic dirt can be hidden. This is why ordinary cleaning isn’t enough. The strong protective layer applied to the glass during manufacture stops this happening.

How long does the coating last on my glass shower?

When a simple after care maintenance programme is followed, your glass shower should look new for several years, depending on environmental conditions. Clear Shields performance has passed stringent tests and consistently outperforms other similar products. It is durable, long-lasting and is effective.

Does the use of easy-clean glass increase the overall value of my home?

It is well known that a new bathroom will increase the value of your home. Kitchens and bathrooms are key selling points, particularly in a competitive environment.

Custom glass shower

A bathroom with a clean, sleek glass enclosure creates a feeling of sophistication, and can in essence help to increase a feeling of value.

Are there any health benefits associated with an easy-clean glass shower?

COVID 19 and the pandemic, has increased the demand for a more healthy living environment, this includes the bathroom and kitchens in our homes. Ritec clearshield protects against the adhesion of fungi, bacteria and viruses. The system is used in hospitals, cruise ships and even the external surfaces of the London Eye.

The non-stick nature of the glass contributes to a cleaner, healthier environment. Particularly beneficial in bathrooms as these areas can lead to a build-up of moisture and warmth.

What is the cost implication of installing easy-clean glass in my shower compared to traditional glass? Is it worth the investment?

Upgrading your glass to easy-clean in your glass shower, is cheaper than you might think, given the benefits and longevity that it offers. Expect to pay between £20-30 per sq mt extra for a custom glass shower. Many premium glass showers include this coating as standard and you should check that the glass shower has a system for marking, usually a sticker to show which side the glass should be installed into the shower.

Custom shower screen with etched design

The ClearShield coating was first developed in the early 1980s and has been continuously improved and perfected over the years. This has resulted in an outstanding product, backed by decades of research, testing, and real-world applications, providing consumers with a high-quality solution for maintaining the beauty and clarity of their glass surfaces.

Glass worker making sandblasted glass

Go Glass, established in 1978 only use Ritec Clearshield for their glass showers. All glass showers are manufactured in their Cambridge glass design studio and distributed to a UK address within 2 weeks. Contact them by email info@goglass.co.uk or call 01223 211041