We can create beautiful and bespoke pieces of glass furniture and shelving units using UV bonding technology with strong invisible joined pieces of glass to any size or shape. Stylish and elegant the versatility and beauty of glass as a material is apparent and design is only limited by imagination.

Glass coffee tables, console tables, glass desks and dining tables are only a few examples of what can be made in glass. Glass display units with doors can be made to any size and incorporate as many glass shelves as are required.

Available in glass thicknesses from 6 to 19mm glass is the perfect material for shelving and there are a range of wall and floor standing options which can be utilised as well as a range of glass types which include clear, obscure etched, coloured and more. Shelving can be edge lit with colour changing LED lighting for the creating of stunning effects up-lighting the objects being displayed.

Glass shelving can also be UV bonded onto the face of mirror glass for bathrooms, home bars for the display of spirit and wine bottles are extremely popular.

Made from strengthened toughened glass with inline polished edges glass shelving is perfectly safe for use in bars, hotels and restaurants and is regularly seen holding wine glasses and bottles. Our designers will advise on total spans, fixing methods and glass thickness so that you do not make costly mistakes or end up with bowing glass shelves.

We have a range of museum and art gallery style glass furniture and display products which can equally be used in the home. Glass plinths with obscure etched or mirror bases to reflect incorporating lights are perfect to display sculptures and works of art either in the home, art gallery or retail showroom all can be made to any size.

Delivery is available throughout the UK and manufacture is normally around 2 weeks depending on style and design, standard ranges are available however each piece of furniture is individually made to order by our trained glass craftsmen.

Why not plan a visit to our glass design studio and see our team at work, send your ideas to us by email or arrange a skype call with our glass designers.

Go Glass have been nominated for a manufacturing innovation award in 2019 and have been shortlisted in 2017 and 18 for Glass company of the year.