mirrors for lounge
Antique mirrors in Lounge
  1. Use Mirrors to make a room look bigger.

The clever placement of a mirror in a room can effectively double its size. Mirrors fitted to side walls can reflect the ceiling, wall and floor and make the actual floor area appear part of a much larger room.

2. Increase light in a room

By placing mirrors at right angles or opposite a window you can bounce the light around the room.

3. Fit shaped mirrors to compliment the other shapes in the room.

Don’t stick to basic rectangles, mirrors can be made to any size or shape. Shape mapping is a design trick where you repeat shapes around a room, pair artwork that depicts a circle or oval.

Black Framed mirror 1
Black Framed mirror 1

4. Illuminate dark corners.

Maximise the amount of light in a space by placing mirrors behind lamps or pair with mirrored furniture to reflect all sources of natural and artificial light.

5. Make your window a mirror

For windowless rooms adding a mirror will make it feel much brighter and more spacious and reflect any artificial light available

6. Make your mirror a focal point in the room

In rooms where there is no fireplace or mantlepiece to position the furniture around, a mirror will provide an interesting focal point and dictate the centre of the room. Always place the mirror on the wall that your eye goes to first.

7. Reflect objects of interest and art in a room.

Position a mirror so that it reflects pieces of art in your room so that they can be seen when you are sitting down or dining.

Circular mirrors 1
Circular mirrors 1

8. Install garden mirrors to reflect colour and texture

Don’t stick to interior design, you can fix mirrors to outside walls to reflect colours or use mirrors as garden sculptures to add interest in planted areas.

9. Consider tints or coloured mirrors

Mirrors are available in a range of colours and tints including antique mirrors, tinted bronze and grey and also with etched designs which can be personalised to your own patterns. Why not add a frame in metallic chrome, brass or black to pick up other elements in the room.

10. Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to hang mirrors in pairs or groups of different shapes and sizes, You can even add in a few framed black and white prints for effect.

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