By Paul Reynolds

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? Any project of this nature is a major undertaking. Whether you’re going all out to change every aspect of the space, adding sliding doors, brand new cabinets and a raft of new appliances, or are only making a few simple changes, one thing you might want to consider is a glass splashback.

Splashbacks are a key feature in most kitchens, and if you’re thinking of adding one or replacing an existing splashback in your home, you might be wondering what type of material to choose. While tiles are the typical choice, a glass splashback offers a host of advantages that makes it well worth considering.

Why Choose A Glass Splashback?

Although splashbacks can be made with any type of tile, if you opt for glass you can benefit from a wealth of advantages.

  • Colour and finish options – when you choose a glass splashback, you can introduce a range of designs and colour into your space. Here at Go Glass, we have a wide variety of glass splashback choices for you to pick from to make your kitchen really stand out from the crowd. We offer both gloss and matt finishes which can blend with your cabinet or wall colour or stand out as a contrasting focal point in your room.
  • Easy care – unlike tiles, which can be difficult to maintain due to grout lines, glass splashbacks are simple to clean. With no difficult to clean gaps, it couldn’t be easier to simply wipe down your glass splashback, and that means splashes of food are effortless to clear away in minutes.
  • Hygienic – since glass is also resistant naturally to bacteria and water, you won’t have to worry about hygiene standards in your kitchen. There is nowhere for unwanted bacteria to hide, unlike in regular tiling where contaminants can build up in the grout.
  • Heat resistance – since glass splashbacks are made from toughened glass, you can rest assured that they are extremely resistant to heat when compared to tiles. When placed behind the hob, they can keep your kitchen wall well protected from splashes of hot food or grease.
  • Cost-effective – unlike tiles, which need to be re-grouted regularly, glass splashbacks are a long-lasting alternative which will save you money in the long-run.
  • Easy and affordable to install – since a glass splashback requires no grout or tile cutters during the installation process it is affordable and simple to install. Also, since glass can be adhered to your wall with no need for any fixings, it is a much easier alternative to complex tiles.

Personalised Glass Splashbacks

Do you want to add a personal touch to your kitchen? Personalised glass splashbacks are the ideal solution. It’s possible to print a high-resolution image digitally onto a vinyl which can then be applied to your glass splashback. This means you can turn your splashback into a piece of unique wall art in your kitchen. Alternatively, why not use mirror glass to create an exciting and interesting effect in your space.

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