It was great to work at the new Orlando hotel in Cambridge,  Formally known as Railway Lodge the property has been completely renovated and each of the 8 rooms incorporates an individually designed glass en-suite enclosure which has been themed according to owner and project manager Claire’s very personal and unique vision.

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The hand drawn etched glass designs by Go Glass Design Director Clive Sparkes were transferred onto the glass and then etched using a range of shading techniques to provide both decoration and privacy.  Themes include nature and trees, dancers, chess pieces, motorcycle and petrol pump, an accordion and even the original Railway Lodge signage.

The etched designs are further enhanced by the addition of LED strip lighting into the U Channels holding the fixed glass panels in place allowing the images to “glow”.

Sliding glass shower doors were chosen to maximise space in the en-suites, and the use of Easy Clean Eco glass means that the showers will retain their clarity even in hard water areas like Cambridge.

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