30 August 2023

From Black to Brass: UK’s Love Affair with Fashionable Glass Partition Frames

Go Glass partners with Porta Pivot to offer a range of glass partition solutions for the UK. ...

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23 August 2023

Bridging design and functionality: The Clearview Glass Dog Gate

Every dog owner knows the struggle, the battle of balancing keeping their dog safe and maintaining ...

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15 August 2023

Glass Doors for Wine Rooms: Functionality meets aesthetic modern design.

How do the glass doors integrate with my room decor? The glass doors are designed for seamless ...

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8 August 2023

Reflecting Brilliance: How Mirrors Elevate Your Home’s Light and Space

Mirrors have a long history, The earliest known mirrors were made from polished obsidian, a natural ...

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31 July 2023

The World of Etched Glass – Insights from one of the UK’s leading glass designers

When did you first become interested in etched glass, and what sparked your curiosity about this ...

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24 July 2023

How does the easy-clean technology in glass showers work?

And so you have spent time and a considerable amount of money on your new bathroom or en-suite, and ...

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17 July 2023

How can glass cabinets transform your cafe’s brand from ordinary to extraordinary?

Custom glass cabinets that set your cafe apart from the competition Renowned chef Ferran Adrià was ...

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11 July 2023

Project Glass Showers – Insist on the new premium range.

What features and benefits can I expect by choosing the premium range of glass showers? All glass ...

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4 July 2023

How to use a glass wall or glass partition in your home or workplace.

Benefits and advantages of installing a glass wall or glass partition. Glass walls and partitions ...

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27 June 2023

Are frameless glass doors an upgrade for homeowners replacing wooden doors?

We are constantly trying to improve and upgrade our homes, and with budget constraints an everyday ...

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22 June 2023

Glass Showers – The Options and Value

Does adding an extra shower add value to my home? It is estimated that adding an extra shower room ...

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31 May 2023

Etched and Sandblasted Glass

What is an “etched glass.” The simple answer to this question is “a decorative ...

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