We have a wide choice of handles both traditional and contemporary in either knob or pull handle style. We can also offer 2 choices of towel bar in a tube or square option. All fittings are available in a polished chrome or brushed satin finish to match your bathroom fittings. Other finishes such as Black, Gold and Antique Brass are also available to order.

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  • Contemporary Knob

    Contemporary Knob

  • Bow Knob

    Bow Knob

  • Traditional Knob

    Traditional Knob

  • Towel Bar Square

    Towel Bar Square

  • Towel Bar and Knob

    Towel Bar and Knob

  • T Handle

    T Handle

  • Square Towel Bar

    Square Towel Bar

  • Square Pull Handle

    Square Pull Handle

  • Square Knob

    Square Knob

  • D Handle

    D Handle

  • Cylinder Knob

    Cylinder Knob