Clive Sparkes, one of the UK’s leading glass designers has launched a new range of designs for sliding glass doors and sliding glass walls.

Clive takes inspiration from watercolour botanical designs, to create a unique range of etched glass door designs that will enhance any traditional or contemporary design. The etched glass designs are perfect for the range of frameless glass doors available as internal glass sliding doors or internal glass doors.

Sliding glass doors are perfect for any room and allow light to be borrowed from one room to another. They are easy to install and supplied with full installation guides. The slimline top tracks are a satin annodised finish and blend easily with any decor.

What are the choices for etched designs?

Glass etching is a form of glass decoration that allows the most extensive range of designs to be added to the glass. Glass is sandblasted, this technique is so perfect for glass in the home and can offer privacy and obscurity when needed but create a calm and contemporary look to clear and low iron optiwhite glass for even more clarity.

The botanical range adds to the other designs in the Project range and brings the choice of designs for sliding glass doors to now over 34 with inspiration taken from geometrics, nature and modern art.

How much do sliding glass doors cost?

A complete system will cost around £600-700 which includes a 10mm Toughened glass door cut to size, UK manufactured to meet all BS and EN regulations. This is such an important consideration as many glass doors imported do not reach these safety standards. The track is European and fully tested, it has a quiet operation and incorporates dampening technology so that the glass door won’t slam.

How long do sliding glass doors take to be delivered?

Each door is individually made to order and we would ask you to allow around 2 weeks for delivery.