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Celebrating 40 years in 2018, Go Glass Design continue to innovate with a number of new products due for launch this year.  Our latest addition to our Project Glass Doors and Glass Showers is a new “Black” range with hinges, channels, knobs, handles and sliding track.  Call us today on 01223 211041 or get an instant quote on our website.

Go Glass Project Shower Fixed Black Range, available in a range of standard sizes and also available custom size. Why not incorporate on of the new Etched Glass Designs and really personalise your shower.

Project Door obscure black range fittings
Project Door obscure Black Range

The Project Range of glass doors is also available in the new Black Range,  shown above is the Project Obscure Glass Door, also available with an etched design from the Project range.

Project Shower Black Range fittings
Project Shower Black Range

A Range of handles, knobs and towel rails are available in the new black finish.

Project Shower Fixed and Door Black Range
Project Shower Fixed and Door Black Range

A Low profile black channel on 10mm Easy Clean Eco Toughened Glass, easy to install and delivered in 2 weeks

Black fittings in a shower room can significantly contribute to a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic, offering a striking contrast to traditional chrome or stainless steel finishes. This bold choice serves as a modern statement, providing a sleek and minimalist look that can complement a wide range of tile colors and bathroom styles. The use of black fittings—such as shower heads, faucets, handles, and even drain covers—creates a focal point that draws the eye, emphasizing clean lines and the quality of materials. When paired with light-colored walls or tiles, black fittings can make the space appear larger and more open, while pairing them with darker tones can create a cozy, enveloping atmosphere. This design choice not only enhances the visual appeal of the shower room but also adds a layer of luxury and exclusivity, making the space feel more like a personal spa retreat. The matte finish of black fittings can also hide water spots and fingerprints, making them practical for maintaining a pristine look. Incorporating black fittings is a simple yet impactful way to update a shower room, bringing a modern edge to the home’s overall design.