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Go Glass partners with Porta Pivot to offer a range of glass partition solutions for the UK.

Staying ahead or keeping up with trends can be challenging in the rapidly evolving interior design landscape. However, the UK has seen an unmistakable incline towards black and brass frames for glass partitions. While black frames echo urban sophistication, the brass frames offer a vintage undertone, echoing the country’s rich architectural history. Both finishes contribute to different aspects of well-being. The brass frames bring warmth and nostalgia, potentially inducing a state of emotional comfort. In contrast, the black edges, often associated with modernity, can stimulate feelings of being in tune with the times, thereby boosting confidence.

Why choose a glass partition for your home?

The use of glass partitions is a design choice that unites aesthetics, practicality, and emotional well-being. From maximising natural light to offering flexible, stylish solutions for modern living, they are the epitome of contemporary design ideals. The rising trends in black and brass frames in the UK further elevate the fashion quotient, making glass partitions a significant asset for any home. Investing in glass partitions is not just a design decision but an investment in a life of enhanced well-being and style.

Brass framed partition

How do glass partitions offer flexibility and adaptability?

Whether you want to divide a living room or convert an open space into a multi-utility area, glass partitions are adaptable to various needs. They offer the flexibility of altering the layout without undergoing extensive structural changes, making them cost-effective and accommodating to changing lifestyles and family dynamics. The essence of modern living is rooted in adaptability, and glass partitions perfectly encapsulate this ethos.

One of the most prominent advantages of incorporating glass partitions in a home is the uninhibited flow of natural light. Sunlight energises a space and enhances the mood, stimulating the production of serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’. By using glass partitions, you reduce the need for artificial light, which cuts energy costs and creates a harmonious, cheerful environment. Natural light is a quintessential element for well-being, and glass partitions make it accessible like never before.

How do glass partitions help our well-being?

The inherent transparency of glass allows for a balanced spatial dynamic, creating an illusion of continuity and open space even when rooms are functionally separated. This kind of environment can profoundly affect our mental state, enhancing feelings of relaxation and freedom. Unlike conventional walls or room dividers, glass partitions provide a psychological breadth that contributes to an overall sense of wellbeing.

How can I buy Porta Pivot glass partition systems for my home.

Porta Pivot systems are all handmade in Belguim and shipped to the UK for assembly in the Go Glass Cambridge Production centre with your choice of glass, there are many options including clear, etched or with a design.

Go Glass has a recommended installer network or you can use your own fitters or installers.

How much do glass partitions cost?

Glass partitions can cost as little or as much as your budget allows. A simply fixed glass screen costing only a few hundred pounds will still allow light to flood into any room and you will reap the benefits of additional light. The Porta Pivot range of aluminium systems will cost from around £1200 for a single glass door and around £3000 for a glass partition of around 2m x 2m. There are other options available, all of which can be tailored to suit your budgets.

Can I incorporate a Go Glass etched design into my glass partition?

Yes of course; the great thing about porta pivot framed systems is that they do not come with glass pre-installed and you can therefore choose your own glass to fit with your decor. This includes the vast range of etched designs available from Go Glass

Go Glass worker creating a sandblast design for a glass door.

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