By Charles Smith

Interior designers and builders over the last few years have been focusing increasingly on open plan spaces. Whether in the workplace or the home, open plan has been the answer to a more connected environment.

While this is an appealing idea, more people are looking for ways to effectively divide up their open floorplan without affecting the architectural features and natural light. There are times when we all look for a little separation between our spaces, and the answer lies in using glass partition systems.

The Many Uses Of Frameless Glass

Frameless glass is the perfect solution for creating effective dividers in both office and domestic environments. In offices, they can create reception areas or meeting rooms within the larger open-plan space. Within the home, a glass partition can create an excellent sound and smell barrier between a living and kitchen area, or a way of bringing the outdoors indoors for a seamless split between the garden and room.

Glass partitions don’t even need to be solid walls. Glass sliding doors can create the freedom for either a partitioned zone or an open plan space depending on your preferences or needs.

Create Glazed Partitions With Glass Balustrades

If you think that a glass partition can only be a floor to ceiling wall, you might want to think again. Glass staircase balustrades only come to half height and are ideal for use in spaces where noise transference isn’t a problem. They can provide an effective way to zone your mezzanine floor or create a greater continuity between the different floors in a barn conversion.

They are also a wonderful way to make the staircase an integral part of your open plan home while maintaining the environment’s natural flow. With a glass balustrade, your staircase can really be a stand-out feature, especially in an industrial-chic or dark-wood room.

Choosing Your Glass Wall

When it comes to choosing the perfect glass wall for you, there is no shortage of options. Hinged, folding or sliding glass doors are all available so you can easily select the best one to suit your needs. Not only can you choose different designs, you can also choose glass etched or coloured to suit your taste.

There’s no better way to turn your glass wall into a focal point, and if you add edge lighting too, you’ll find that your space becomes a truly stunning place to spend time.

Go Glass – Your Top Supplier

Whether you’re creating an effective and semi-private meeting room with glass partitions within your workplace or whether you’re looking for a stylish way to prevent cooking odours from drifting into your living area without blocking out the natural light in your home, Go Glass has the ideal solution to suit you. Contact our team today to find out more. We’re here to answer your questions and to talk through the different options open to you, so that you can find the ideal glass partition solution for you.