Benefits and advantages of installing a glass wall or glass partition.

Glass walls and partitions have taken off since the pandemic forced us to stay inside our homes for a time. Many people are now considering using glass as a wall or room divider rather than traditional types of building materials.

Why is this, and what’s so great about a glass wall or partition? Firstly, there is the visual appeal and aesthetics of glass, the versatility in design which means you can have a fixed, hinged or sliding glass wall and a good glass design company will help you to choose the best option for your style of living or working.

The main benefit however, is the abundance of natural light that glass walls allow to enter a space, creating a bright, open and spacious feeling to any room. The benefits of natural light on our wellbeing is now well documented and we are finally moving away from traditional living styles with multiple smaller darker rooms to a new open or broken plan living.

How much does it cost to install a glass wall or glass partition and what factors affect the price?

With such a vast range of styles and options, glass walls can vary in price. A simple fixed glass panel which will allow in light could start at around £200 and a full 3 metre sliding glass wall with fixed side panels around £3000. The most important consideration is to know exactly what you want to achieve when fitting a glass wall. Sliding glass doors can be space-saving and can make a room appear much larger as furniture can be placed against the glass doors.

Many customers install the glass walls and partitions themselves and it isn’t beyond a competent DIY’er to fit the glass doors. Always insist on knowing the origin of both the system and the glass and compare the system benefits against other suppliers. Sliding glass doors are not cheap if they only last a year before the system fails.

Don’t look for a specialist glass fitter, many local contractors including carpentrers and builders can install your glass wall for you.

Are there any specific points to consider when choosing a glass wall or glass partition?

The first option is framed or frameless. Framed glass doors are on trend and can normally be supplied with a choice of frame styles and finishes. Black and brass seem to be the most popular and aluminium is usually the material used to frame.

Frameless glass doors offer connectivity, you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the surrounding environment, often bringing the outside in if you have a garden or scenic landscape. Frameless glass walls allow you to connect with the outside world, while still maintaining a comfortable insulated inside environment.

What glass is used to make glass walls and glass partitions?

Toughened glass is made by heating the glass in a furnace and then cooling it rapidly. This process creates compression on the surface of the glass and makes is stronger and more resistant to breakage. The glass undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets UK and EU safety standards.

Buying from a UK glass manufacturer ensures a high quality tested toughened glass and you should check that this is the case before buying a glass wall or partition system.

Most internal glass walls are single glazed and this does offer some element of thermal and acoustic insulation, however if this is the main criteria for installing a glass wall, some suppliers may offer a double glazed option. This is normally only available in the framed style.

Is privacy an option if I want to provide another bedroom?

Glass sandblasting is a technique used to create privacy and obscuration. This process involves blasting a material at high pressure onto the surface which creates a frosted or textured appearance.

There are two great reasons for choosing this style of glass.

  1. It allows light transmission – unlike a traditional wall or partition, you do not need to sacrifice light when partitioning to create an additional room
  2. Flexibility of design – you can add a design to the glass or use a gradient style of sandblasting. This allows you to control the level at which the glass is obscure and gently fade out to the top of the glass.
Sliding glass door system with half etched privacy design.

Are glass walls and glass partitions easy to keep clean?

You no longer need to worry that your glass might pick up fingerprints and continuously need cleaning.

Ritec Cleashield is a polymer coating which when applied to the surface of glass, leaves a non-stick finish. This gives you a maintenance free option which always looks as good as the day it was installed. Insist on Clearshield Eco System for your glass doors.

Can I have a design on my glass wall or glass partition?

This is where glass comes into it’s own as the versatility in design is unlimited.

Bespoke folding glass doors with a bespoke etched tree and landscape design.
Folding glass doors
Black crittall style fixed glass system in modern living room.

Crittall style is becoming very popular, and can be supplied as a decorative finish on fixed, hinged and sliding glass walls and partitions.

Where can I get further information on glass walls and glass partitions?

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