Custom etched glass bi-folding walls provide the perfect solution for a client.

In the world of modern interior design, the quest for creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing is perpetual. Go Glass, a small independent glass design company recently undertook a project that encapsulates this endeavor perfectly. They were tasked with installing a bi-folding glass wall between a dining room and a living room in a private residence. This case study explores how Go Glass’s innovative approach to space division using their Frameless Glass Bi-Folding Door System provided a solution that champions flexible living and maximizes natural light.

Understanding the vision

The client’s primary requirement was to create a distinction between their dining and living spaces without sacrificing the open-plan feel of the area. They wanted the flexibility to separate or merge the two rooms as needed, without losing the sense of unity and light that flowed through their home.

Go Glass, with their expertise in glass design, recognised that their Frameless Glass Bi-Folding Door System was an ideal fit for this project. The system’s ability to offer clear, obscure, or etched glass finishes meant that it could be customised to meet the specific aesthetic and functional needs of the client.

etched glass doors

The Frameless Glass Bi-Folding Door System: A Solution for Flexible Living

The installation of the glass bi-folding wall transformed the residence, creating a harmonious balance between separation and connectivity. The frameless nature of the system allowed for a minimalist, sleek look, which complemented the modern decor of the house. When closed, the glass wall provided a clear physical barrier between the dining and living areas, creating distinct spaces without the feeling of confinement.

One of the most striking benefits of this installation was the flexibility it offered. The bi-folding mechanism meant that the wall could be easily opened or closed, allowing the homeowner to adapt the space to their needs. Whether hosting a large gathering that required a more open and inclusive space or having a quiet, intimate dinner needing a bit of separation from the living area, the glass wall provided versatility at its finest.

Go Glass Design Director talks about the Bi-Folding glass wall system

Glass bi-folding walls maximise light

A pivotal aspect of this project was the glass wall’s ability to allow light flow between the two rooms. The transparency of the glass meant that when the wall was closed, it still allowed natural light to permeate from one room to the other. This feature was particularly beneficial as the dining area had fewer windows, and by borrowing light from the living room, it became a brighter, more inviting space.

The option of etched glass added an artistic element to the space. For this project, the client chose a subtle, custom-etched design that added a touch of elegance without significantly impeding the flow of light. The etched patterns danced with the light, creating a dynamic visual effect that added to the ambiance of both rooms.

custom designed bi-folding glass doors

Enhancing Aesthetics and Privacy with etched glass bi-folding walls

In addition to its functional benefits, the glass wall served as a statement piece in the home’s interior. The frameless design and the possibility of custom etching provided a modern, sophisticated touch that elevated the overall aesthetic of the space.

A clear glass with etched design was another option that could have been utilised to strike a balance between transparency and privacy. Although the client opted for obscure glass the availability of different finishes meant that the system could be tailored to suit varying degrees of privacy needs without compromising on style or light.

Go Glass worker creating a sandblast design for a glass door.

Go Glass, shortlisted for Glass Company of the Year at the G23 awards, specialise in the manufacture of bespoke glass wall systems. Available in a choice of finishes including custom etched glass design, they boast a central Cambridge showroom and Production Centre. Delivery is UK wide and normally within 2-3 weeks. Call 01223 211041, see the website to arrange an in-person or virtual appointment.