By Charles Smith

More people these days are eschewing their own bathtubs in favour of walk-in shower enclosures, and while this is, undoubtedly, a more stylish and contemporary alternative that fits in well with today’s busy lifestyles, it does open up a host of design issues.

A simple shower curtain is no longer the norm, and, in fact, is something which is rarely seen these days. Instead, a shower glass panel is much more frequently seen, and is a much more attractive and hygienic solution.

Unlike the old-school shower curtain, glass showers are much easier to keep clean and, thanks to today’s appealing shower glass designs, it’s possible to actually make your shower area a focal point of the room.

The Frameless Glass Shower – A Contemporary Option

Many people opt for a frameless glass shower, which is a stylish and modern, minimalist solution for any bathroom. Made from easy to clean toughened glass, the screens can either be fixed into a shower tray or to the floor directly, or incorporated into a shower enclosure with a sliding or hinged glass door.

Thanks to their flexibility, it’s possible to cut a frameless glass shower individually to any size or shape so it perfectly suits your available opening.

Etched Glass Showers – For Individual Style

While frameless glass showers may be popular, they certainly aren’t the only option. When it comes to creating the perfect bathroom that matches your own unique sense of style and flair, it’s hard to beat etched glass showers.

Go Glass offers its own Unique To Go Glass range of shower glass panel designs to make your bathroom really stand out from the crowd. With no less than twelve traditional and contemporary etched patterns to choose from, it couldn’t be easier to enhance your shower screen and make it reflect your own tastes.

You could even opt for the bespoke etching service which allows you to incorporate your own custom designed artwork – perfect for anyone who has a unique idea in mind, or who is furnishing the bathrooms of a hotel or commercial project. Adding a logo or wording is possible to further reinforce your brand, or you could even ask our design team to create something special just for you.

Choose Go Glass For Your Glass Shower Design

Your bathroom may be one of the smaller rooms in your home, but that doesn’t mean that you should compromise on its style. With Go Glass, you can be confident of choosing the perfect glass doors and panels to create the most beautiful space that perfectly captures the essence of your perfect showering experience.

Whether you’re looking for a frameless, minimalist look, a hinged or sliding glass door, a modern etched design from our collection or even a bespoke etched design that has been created individually for you, you can depend on our expert team to help you achieve your goals.

With more than four decades of experience in the industry, you can depend on us to ensure your glass shower design will be everything you’ve hoped for.