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A new bathroom is seventh on the list of improvements that add value to your home (Zoopla 2022), and top of your spending list should be an easy clean frameless glass shower.

Frameless glass showers compliment any style of decor, be it traditional or contemporary and designed correctly can be the centre point of any bathroom or en-suite shower room, large or small.

If you don’t want to refurb the whole bathroom, a glass shower replacing an existing old framed screen or a shower curtain will give the impression of a complete refit.

bespoke glass shower door

Glass showers add a luxury feel to any bathroom, think of the hotels you might have stayed in on holiday, sparkling clean glass showers with a minimalist look can enhance the feeling of space and calm in a bathroom or shower room.

Upgrading an existing shower in a bathroom

It may be that an old acrylic framed shower screen is beyond cleaning and has built up with limescale over the years. Acrylic screens tend to scratch easily and get to a point where refurbishment is no longer possible. Removing the existing screen and installing a glass shower door or enclosure is much easier than you might think. There is often no need to remove the tray and using a silicone digester should allow you to clean this up and re-use it. If you tiles have holes drilled for the current screen fixings, you can have a bespoke glass shower door made with the fixings in the same place, meaning no re-drilling of tiles.

Shower curtains are now known to harbour dirt and are difficult to keep clean, using a glass shower screen gives you the option to add an easy-clean glass coating to the door, meaning you don’t have to worry about mould and health risks.

What is easy-clean glass?

You should insist on easy-clean glass in a shower such as Ritec Clearshield. This award winning technology, keeps your glass shower clean and sparkling and has the added advantage of resisting bacterial adhesion. Hard water can create unsightly stains on un-protected glass and using the maintenance programme, the coating is guaranteed for 10 years ensuring your glass shower stays looking as good as the day it was installed.

Watch the clearshield mud bottle test, to show how protected and unprotected glass reacts.

Can I match the finish on my glass shower with other fittings in the bathroom?

Any good shower manufacturer should offer a range of finishes as it is important to have a consistent look in the bathroom. A polished chrome finish is traditional and will always be the most popular finish and most taps and showers are made in this finish. You may want a more contemporary look, Matte black finish has proved to be a very popular choice in showers and glass doors and screens can all be made with hinges and handles to match this finish. Over the last year, the fashion for brass fittings particularly a satin or brushed brass finish has been very popular. Bespoke glass showers are all available in this finish.

Glass shower enclosure with brass fittings

What styles of glass showers are available?

Bespoke glass showers can be made to fit most applications, even if they are shaped or have rounded corners or tops. The main types are glass bath screens, these can be made to any size and are available fixed or hinged. Glass shower doors are normally hinged to the wall, but can also be hinged to a glass side panel. This is perfect if there is a radiator or WC in the way. Sliding glass shower doors are very popular if there is limited space in the bathroom and can be made to fit most shower trays of more than 1400mm wide. There are a number of top hung styles available or even a bottom rolling system for loft conversions and areas with limited head space. Corner glass shower enclosures are popular as they can be fitted to a smaller shower tray of 700mm x 700mm and inline glass showers can include many fixed side panels if needed to fit a larger area.

Custom glass showers can be supplied in a range of glass options including clear, ultra clear (this glass has a low iron content and appears less green than standard float glass) Tinted glass is popular and can be supplied in a grey or bronze finish. You can also incorporate an etched glass design, this is very on trend and there are a range of traditional and contemporary options for pattern.

etched glass doors in a bathroom

Is it easy to fit glass shower doors?

A competent DIYer should be able to fit a glass shower door. The door should be supplied with full installation instructions and with all fittings needed. The glass door should be pre-prepared for the hinges and the handles as toughened glass cannot be cut after manufacture. Two persons are recommended for installing as the weight of a standard glass door is normally around 40kg. Always ensure you protect the corners and edges of a glass shower door as it can break if it hits a hard surface.

How much do glass showers cost?

Glass showers do not necessarily mean a big expense. A simple bath screen should cost a few hundred pounds, a full inline sliding glass shower around £1200. Go Glass showers are all bespoke and made to order but are competitive when you consider the value that it will add to your home particularly if you are looking to sell your house.

How long do glass showers take to make?

Always wait until your tiling has been completed before taking final dimensions. The best way to measure is to take dimensions at the top, middle and bottom and left and right hand sides. If the opening is out of square it doesn’t matter too much as the glass is frameless it can be cut to fit.

Normally glass shower doors take around 2-3 weeks to manufacture.

Go Glass is an independent glass design company. Family owned and run, they have been designing glass for customers for over 45 years. Each enclosure is individually made and checked by design consultant before manufacture. This ensures you have the right product first time and avoid any costly mistakes.

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