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What features and benefits can I expect by choosing the premium range of glass showers?

  1. Aesthetics and Design

All glass showers feature exceptional design features. However, the premium range accesses a wider range of choices and options than ever before. These new stylish alternatives add even more flair to an en-suite or bathroom in a domestic or commercial environment.

2. Customisation options.

Many projects require products to be bespoke and customised to meet specific requirements. The premium range gives more flexibility of design and includes access to our design team for consultation and virtual on-site meetings. Our Design Director Clive Sparkes has over 35 years of experience in the glass industry sector and is happy to share his skills and collaborate with interior designers and architects to source custom solutions for projects.

Fixed and hinged glass door shower

3. Access to other products

As independent glass designers Go Glass has access to global suppliers offering a range of products which cannot be sourced through larger shower companies. Many customers look to future-proof or create broken-plan living and have other needs including accessibility.

An inclusive and accessible bi folding glass shower system.

This bi-folding frameless glass shower system was designed by Go Glass for a wheelchair user. The sleek design without the normal bulky white frames normally associated with accessible living was custom made to size to fit the opening which had been made according to specific requirements.

Are there more options for hardware finishes for glass showers in the premium range?

A selection of the premium range hinge finishes available at Go Glass.

Are there additional glass options in the premium range?

Probably the most important benefit and feature of the premium range is the option and choice of glasses which can be included.

Tinted glass is now available in either a bronze or grey finish and can really add an extra touch to any decor. Sandblasted glass can also be used to add obscurity and privacy and this can be all over or as a privacy band to the glass. Reeded or fluted glass is very popular at the moment and is now available in 8 and 10mm thicknesses.

Can I add a design to my glass shower?

Yes, as part of the premium service, you can add a shower design from our unique collection. This design is etched permanently onto the glass and is not affected by steam or moisture in a bathroom. Self adhesive stickers are not suitable.

There are a range of glass design options and you can see them in the design catalogue.

An etched glass sliding door with line design.
Etched glass for a bathroom

You also have full design consultation with our etched glass specialist and can create bespoke and stunning effects only available with the premium range of glass showers

A frameless shower screen with etched geometric design creating light and space.

Are the glass showers made in the UK and are they guaranteed?

Ordering from Go Glass means that you can be safe in the knowledge that all products have been sourced in a sustainable manner. Glass is toughened in the UK to size, and this means that it meets stringent British safety regulations. Fittings including handles and hinges are fully tested by our own design team and are supplied with a guarantee not to rust or tarnish.

Yes, the premium range has 11 finish options

  • Polished Chrome
  • Brushed Satin
  • Polished Brass
  • Satin Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Matt Black
  • Gun Metal

Once you have chosen your required finish, our sales and design team will collaborate to offer a range of hinge, handle and clamp options for your shower. This can include an option of square style or rounded corner fittings, pulls or knobs and also includes channel and support bar fittings.

You can also request a finish sample to check that it matches your other decor and fittings.

Can my premium range glass shower have a slimline frame?

Yes is the simple answer, frameless glass showers are still very much on trend, however you can add an aesthetic and decorative frame to enhance the glass shower. Here are a few examples of this style

I would like to discuss my requirements with you, how do I get a quote?

Range of hinge finishes available on the Go Glass website.

Our interactive glass shower designer will offer you an immediate quotation based on the style and size of your individual glass shower. You can choose from a range of glass and finish options and build a glass shower door, fixed glass panel or full glass shower enclosure.

Alternatively, call our sales team on 01223 211041 and make an appointment to have a remote MS teams meeting or visit our showroom. You can be guaranteed expert advice with no obligation

The etched glass designs for shower

Go Glass has been based in Cambridge for over 45 years and boasts a showroom and production centre. Call today on 01223 211041 for further information on glass showers.