Hinged Glass Wall Single

Complete glass wall system based on 3000 x 2000 opening

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Clear glass partition with sandblasted door

Hinged Glass Wall Single

Complete system based on 2000 x 2000


Beautiful hinged glass enclosure for hotel with motorbike LED lit design

Hinged Glass Wall

Complete system based on 3000 x 2000


Large clear glass wall with door


clear glass hinged wall

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Bespoke Hinged Single Glass Walls & Partitions

Glass walls and partitions bring light and space into any room and allow you to borrow and move light around giving an increased feeling of well-being to your home of working environment. Suitable as glass partitions for the home and office glass partitions they can incorporate etched glass or add a focal point with a unique etched glass design.

Adding a unique glass design gives even more scope for contemporary and individual home decor. Each design is scaled to fit your sizes with a full proof sent to you before manufacture.

Go Glass Design have over 45 years of experience in high quality glass systems for the home and office. Read more about our hinged glass walls here 

Glass partitions have become a popular architectural solution in modern home design, primarily for their ability to increase natural light within interiors while providing spatial separation. Here’s how glass partitions help enhance light in homes:

1. Maximizing Natural Light

Glass partitions allow sunlight to permeate through spaces, dispersing it more evenly and deeply into the home. Unlike solid walls, which block light and create shadowed areas, glass partitions enable light to flow freely from room to room. This not only brightens the home naturally but also reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day, contributing to energy savings.

2. Creating a Sense of Openness

By transmitting light, glass partitions contribute to a sense of openness and continuity between different areas of the home. They help maintain visual connections across spaces, making interiors appear larger and more cohesive. This is particularly beneficial in smaller homes or apartments, where maximizing the sense of space is crucial. The transparency of glass ensures that even when physical barriers are present, spaces do not feel closed off or cramped.

3. Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal

Glass partitions add a sleek, modern aesthetic to interiors. The way light interacts with glass—reflecting, refracting, and illuminating spaces—can significantly enhance the architectural beauty of a home. The natural light that passes through glass partitions can also highlight design elements within the home, such as artwork, furniture, or architectural details, contributing to a more vibrant and dynamic interior.

4. Versatility in Design

Glass partitions come in various designs, including frosted, tinted, or patterned glass, offering both functionality and style flexibility. Frosted glass, for example, allows light to pass through while providing privacy, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms or bathrooms adjacent to living areas. Tinted or patterned glass can control the light’s intensity and add decorative elements, respectively, offering personalized design solutions to meet specific aesthetic and functional needs.

5. Improving Well-being

Natural light is known to have significant health benefits, including boosting vitamin D levels, improving mood, and enhancing sleep quality. By increasing the amount of natural light in a home, glass partitions can contribute to the well-being of its occupants. The visual connection to the outdoors that glass partitions facilitate can also improve mental health, offering a sense of connection to nature and the external environment.

6. Energy Efficiency

In addition to reducing the reliance on artificial lighting, the strategic placement of glass partitions can contribute to passive solar heating. During the colder months, areas exposed to sunlight can retain warmth, reducing the need for heating. Conversely, in warmer climates or seasons, the use of tinted or coated glass can minimize heat gain, keeping interior spaces cooler.

In conclusion, glass partitions are a multifunctional design solution that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a home but also plays a crucial role in maximizing natural light. Their ability to create visually open and interconnected spaces while promoting energy efficiency and well-being makes them an invaluable addition to modern residential design.

Single hinged glass walls comprise a fixed glass panel with an entrance glass door. The hinged door can be opened in and out of a room and the door can be folded back against a wall. Glass partitions allow you to screen off any area, create a home office or a spare bedroom. Systems are fully tested by our own team of engineers and individually specified to suit your application.

Reviews from our customers

Very good customer service. We needed to replace glass door panels we got from them over ten years ago and they were able to find the order make and deliver the new panels quickly so the door was fixed before Christmas! Excellent company!

Kate West

I just wanted to thank you for your exceptional service. From start to finish you helped me with my door decision and delivered them on time. Really pleased and would thoroughly recommend you to others

Kerry Mcmahon-White

Stunning glass doors, manufactured and delivered very quickly. Excellent company to work with.

Yolanta Beresna