Bespoke Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Complete system price is based on 2500 x 900

Light blue glass splashbacks in large kitchen
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Made to Measure glass splashbacks

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Beautiful Cambridge glass splashbacks in hard-wearing toughened hygiene glass. Options are clear, see-through glass, back painted to any Dulux, Farrow and Ball, BS/Ral colour code, or printed with a high-resolution image).

An increasingly popular design choice in contemporary homes, they provide a stylish and modern aesthetic but also offer practical benefits such as being easy to keep clean and providing protection to walls against stains and splashes.

Low iron glass is a high-clarity glass with a reduced green iron content. It is ideal for applications which need colour fidelity.

The reflective surface of the glass, makes it ideal for kitchen splashbacks and can make a room appear larger and more spacious.

From subtle neutral tones, to bold vibrant eye catching colours, glass splashbacks are the perfect choice for any kitchen or bathroom.

Glass splashbacks have become a popular choice in modern kitchens and bathrooms, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. Here are four key aspects to consider about glass splashbacks:

Design Flexibility

Glass splashbacks come in a wide range of colors, finishes, and prints, allowing for complete customization to fit any interior design theme. Whether you prefer a bold, vibrant color to make a statement, a neutral shade for a sleek and subtle look, or even a printed image or pattern, glass splashbacks can be tailored to meet your specific design preferences. Their seamless, smooth surface adds a contemporary touch to any space, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or bathroom.

Durability and Maintenance

Made from toughened glass, splashbacks are highly durable and resistant to heat, making them ideal for use behind cooktops and in areas prone to moisture. Unlike tiles, glass splashbacks do not have grout lines, which can become discoloured or mouldy over time. This makes them incredibly easy to clean and maintain, requiring only a simple wipe-down with a glass cleaner to keep them looking pristine. The non-porous surface also means they resist stains, ensuring your splashback remains hygienic and free from bacteria and mold growth.

Installation and Customization

Glass splashbacks can be custom-made to fit any space, accommodating outlets, cabinets, and fixtures. The installation process is relatively quick and straightforward, especially when handled by professionals. Precise measurements ensure a perfect fit, and the splashback is securely fixed to the wall, usually with a strong adhesive. This customization extends to the choice of finishes, including glossy for a reflective sheen that can make a room appear larger and more open or matte for a more understated, sophisticated look.

Light Reflection and Space Enhancement

One of the most notable benefits of glass splashbacks is their ability to reflect light, both natural and artificial. This can significantly brighten up a kitchen or bathroom, making the space feel larger and more inviting. The reflective quality of a glass splashback can enhance the overall sense of space in smaller rooms or those with limited natural light, contributing to a more open and airy atmosphere.

In conclusion, glass splashbacks offer a blend of functionality, durability, and style, making them an excellent choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms. With endless customization options, easy maintenance, and the ability to enhance the overall feel of a space, they provide a practical and stylish solution for protecting your walls from splashes and spills.



What colours are available?

We can backpaint your glass splashback to any RAL, BS, Dulux or Farrow and Ball Colour, for other colour ranges just contact us

Is the glass heat resistant?

Yes, we only use toughened glass for our glass splashbacks so that they can be used behind a hob

  • Nicholas Eldridge August 10, 2022

    Dear Stephen, We were very happy with the order for glass splashback, please find a photo attached. Kind regards,

  • Joe and Julia Alderson May 17, 2022

    Thanks for getting in touch - please find attached a couple of photos of the splashback in place. It works really well in the context of our kitchen and we're very happy with the outcome.