Welcome to our glass wonderland, where sophistication meets functionality in a symphony of light and transparency. As an award-winning glass designer, I’ve had the privilege of crafting unique glass display cabinets that bring elegance and practicality to various settings. Let’s take a delightful journey through our different styles and explore the magic behind these stunning creations.

Display glass case for cafe

Glass Display Cabinets for Coffee Shops: Brewed to Perfection

Coffee shops are places of comfort and conversation, and what better way to showcase your delectable pastries and artisan coffees than in a beautifully crafted glass display cabinet? These cabinets are designed to keep your treats fresh while providing an inviting view that tempts every passerby. Our use of low iron glass ensures that the rich colors of your pastries are as enticing as their aroma. With the durability of UV bonded glass, your display remains spotless and secure, even in the busiest café.

Glass Wine Cabinets: A Toast to Elegance

Imagine hosting a dinner party, and your guests’ eyes are immediately drawn to the shimmering bottles elegantly displayed in a glass wine cabinet. These cabinets are not just storage solutions; they are a statement of taste and sophistication. Made with low iron glass, they eliminate the greenish tint found in standard float glass, allowing the true colors of your wine collection to shine through. Our UV bonding technique ensures seamless, strong joins, creating a cabinet that is both visually stunning and robust enough to support your finest vintages.

Bespoke glass wine cabinet

Glass Display Cabinets for Collectibles: Showcasing Your Treasures

Every collector knows the joy of displaying their cherished items. Our glass display cabinets for collectibles are designed to highlight the beauty of each piece, from vintage toys to rare memorabilia. The clarity of low iron glass offers a perfect view, free from distortions. UV bonding technology not only provides a sleek, frameless appearance but also protects your treasures from dust and damage, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for years to come.

The Hero etched glass collectible display case

Commercial Glass Display Cabinets: Professionalism Meets Panache

In the commercial world, first impressions are everything. Our commercial glass display cabinets are crafted to enhance any business environment, from high-end retail stores to corporate offices. The use of low iron glass eliminates the distracting green tint, providing a clear and professional display. UV bonding ensures that our cabinets are as strong as they are stylish, capable of withstanding the demands of any commercial setting while adding a touch of elegance to your products or awards.

Glass Display Cabinets for the Home: Bringing Luxury Home

Custom glass wine cabinet
Why should luxury be confined to public spaces? Our glass display cabinets for the home bring a touch of sophistication to your living space. Whether you want to showcase family heirlooms, fine china, or your latest travel souvenirs, these cabinets are the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Low iron glass offers unparalleled clarity, while UV bonding creates an uninterrupted view of your cherished items. Transform your home into a gallery of personal history and elegance.

A Glimpse into History: Glass Cabinets Through the Ages

Did you know that glass display cabinets have a fascinating history? In the 18th century, glass-fronted cabinets became popular in Europe as a way to showcase fine china and curiosities collected from around the world. These early cabinets were a testament to the wealth and taste of their owners. Today, we continue this tradition of excellence and elegance, using advanced techniques like UV bonding and low iron glass to create displays that are as timeless as they are modern.

The Magic of UV Bonding and Low Iron Glass

UV bonding is a process where ultraviolet light cures a special adhesive, creating a seamless and incredibly strong join between glass pieces. This technique allows for frameless designs that are both sleek and sturdy. Meanwhile, low iron glass is made with reduced iron content, eliminating the greenish hue seen in regular glass. This results in crystal-clear glass that showcases your items in their true colors, enhancing their beauty and appeal.

Bespoke and Custom-Made Glass Display Cases

At Go Glass, we understand that every display need is unique. That’s why we offer bespoke and custom-made glass display cases tailored to your specific requirements. With over 45 years of experience, we are experts in creating stunning glass displays that combine artistry with functionality. Whether your project is large or small, Go Glass is the perfect partner to bring your vision to life. Let’s create something extraordinary together.

In the world of glass display cabinets, elegance, and craftsmanship go hand in hand. From wine cabinets to collectibles, and coffee shops to commercial displays, our creations are designed to enchant and impress. Join us in celebrating the timeless beauty of glass, and let your treasures shine with Go Glass.

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