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Commercial Mirrors

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Mirrors are a powerful design element in commercial settings, particularly in bars and restaurants, where ambiance, perceived space, and lighting play crucial roles in enhancing the customer experience. Here are several ways mirrors can be effectively used in these environments, along with suggestions for their implementation:

Creating Illusions of Space

Enhancing Lighting

Interior Decoration

Expanding Views

Improving Navigation

Enhancing Privacy

Considerations for Using Mirrors in Commercial Settings

Incorporating mirrors into the design of bars and restaurants not only has practical benefits, such as enhancing light and space, but also contributes significantly to creating an engaging, memorable environment for customers. By carefully considering their placement and purpose, mirrors can elevate the aesthetic and functional aspects of commercial dining spaces.

We can supply from 1 – 1000 mirrors for commercial purposes, made to any size or shape and with the addition of LED lighting or company branding with etched designs or logos. Each mirror is individually made in our dedicated glass production centre and delivered using our own vehicles to any UK site address. You can order your mirror online now for immediate quotation in a choice of mirror types with plain, polished or bevelled edges. If you have more bespoke requirements, call our sales team on 01223 211041 Mon – Fri 8am to 4.30pm

Mirror Options for Made to Size Mirrors

We hold a range of mirror glass in stock including plain, tinted bronze and grey, antique plain and bronze. We can add a polished or bevelled edge and also have a range of contemporary shaped options, please see our catalogue below

Can you supply a number of mirrors to us?

Yes, we can supply from 1-1000 mirrors, we stock a large range of types and sizes so can normally accommodate any requirement quickly and to a high standard

Can you provide samples for my interior designer?

Yes of course, we are happy to send out free samples to our customers

Can I visit your showroom and production centre and discuss my requirements?

Yes of course, you are welcome to visit our team at any time or we can arrange a virtual zoom or teams appointment

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